Saturday, February 07, 2009

News about payments

THIS IS EDITED, just this moment:
okay so tried sending cents at paypal and it worked... so if you have a paypal account, i can send my payments there if it is below $1. but if you want to be paid at alertpay, it's okay, you'll just have to wait to reach $1, so i can send you payments... whew... =)


Oh darn, i was into alertpay and getting ready to send payments to my referrals, but... i am sorry, as it is now allowed to send les than $1. sorry guys, i will not cheat anyone of you here, there's a minimum of $1 for payments sent.

Ok so here's the updated clicks of my referrals, and the payments i want to send supposedly tonight to each one of them.

the totals for each referral is this:

username total clicks earned

Znagflow $ 0.02640

hearty $ 0.02700

alumiam $ 0.20340

cherrydispe $ 0.03365

hardrock888 $ 0.36600

I am going to make payments on PTC addicts, for this weeks clicks only, but the next clicks, will be paid once i get paid on the site, as there are rumors going around that this site is going to be a scam site.

it's my mistake, i should have tried it first with alertpay, about paying in cents, but i did not do it, now am really sorry as i already told you guys ill make payments tonight... please accept my apologies as i have no intention of running away from my responsibility. i have received a 10 cent payment though that's why i didnt check if i can send one like that. and this is my first time to make a payment. sorry, didnt want this to happen. but just keep on clicking, the total of your clicks from all the sites joined, once you reach $1, i'll be sending it right away, scam site or not.

Keep in mind clicking ads is not an easy to get rich kind of extra income, you should be patient and consistent, make your clicking a daily habit, the reward is great. Happy clicking.

Here are some of the sites i've joined, that you might want to become a part of. i still have my ref cash back offer for these sites.

my username here is j_akoto

my username here is akoto

Prosper Bux
my username here is j_akoto

my username here is j_akoto

my username here is jayrene

when you want to join these sites under me, please check the referrer... and when you have joined, do let me know, leave a message on my chatbox (just gibber it), it's on the left side. thanks for your support.

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