Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Adz Quik - Free Ad Exchange

Here's a new site that's worth joining, free to join. Send your email/advertisement to more than 1,000 members for free. SoloAds are proven to work. Join Adz Quick now.

Also receive instant cash prizes when viewing other members Soloads, traffic links. Low minimum payout $5.00. Receive commissions from your referrals when they upgrade, when they buy..

What to get upon joining
All NEW Members Receive:
= = > 2 FREE Solo Ads
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Wednesday, April 15, 2009


This is a free manual traffic exchange, free to join, drive traffic and real visitors to your sites, blogs, products, etc., and get them seen by more than 17,000 members. Just click on the banner to join.

This site is family operated and offers revenue sharing to all of its upgraded member. Once you get an upgrade starts in as little as $10.00 you get all of the PRO members benefits.

1. Weekly earnings, cashout weekly also.
2. Two times a week you'll be given credits for your sites' advertisement.

Every week, the site's revenue are shared equally by all upgraded members. Your weekly earning is like 13.33% interest of what you share to the site.

Example - Your shares or ventures is $100.00, your weekly earning is $10.33.

Where can you find such? This is not an easy to get rich kind of scheme, but the more you have in the site, the more you earn WEEKLY. Every dollar you spent here will definitely return with a profit. $1 = $2, when they mature.

All upgraded members are requried to surf a minimum of 25 sites daily, everyone here is active. That's the only condition it has to maximize your weekly earnings.

Remember, this is free to join. Get in now, promote your sites, 11,000+ members will see it. And see for yourself how the members are earning, click on TOOLS then click on VENTURES / WEEKLY EARNINGS. There are so many upgraded members here now already. Don't procrastinate, this is your chance to be FINANCIALLY FREE.


Only the best Traffic Exchange Sites.

Here are some traffic exchange sites that i have recently joined, they are free and have bonus credits upon sign-up so you can advertise your websites right away. If you don't have your own website, then advertise your link to get referrals, or get your blog seen. Drive traffic to your sites while earning some cash.

You will not only earn credits but you will also earn $$$$ cash here. You can also earn from your referrals if they purchase ad credits or upgrades. Just click on the banners. Have fun surfing and earning at the same time. These are all free to join.

Free lifetime PRO upgrade, limited time only. Lots of cash and credit bonuses while surfing.

15% referral commissions, profit sharing site. Revenue program - 75% of revenue and 90% on all other income of the site. Great admin support.

Random bonuses cash and credits while surfing

Random cash and credit bonuses while surfing plus
$3 per 300 sites surfed, monthly promo, this runs for 24 hours

Send soloads to hundreds of members (without spamming), one of the best way to get your products promoted, soloads are proven, they get more positive results.
Read soloads, and watch for that cash bonuses that you can win here, keep your eyes open.

Text Ad Exchange, soloads, traffic links plus random cash that you can win while reading soloads and traffic links. Earn commission from your referrals also

1,000 points = $1. Minimum cashout is $3 by Paypal, cashout once a month. They have trivia where you can earn additional points.

1,000 points = $1, minimum payout is $20
free members earn $0.01/solo ad read, $0.005/link read, $0.001/banner clicked, $0.001

1,000 points = $1. Minimum cashout is $3 request cashout once a month, every 15th and end of the month.

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Another payment from Neobux

With most of the PTCs going scam these days, Neobux have remained strong, although it went through some problems. Here's my second payment, received instantly.

This is such a relief, invested in 3 refs only ($0.75), most of my direct refs have stopped clicking. I'm thinking of investing in renting refs again, but this time a bit more to maximize my rental discount.


Feb. 04, 2009
WOW!!! Neobux is just the best PTC, received payment there instantly, $2... awesome! here's my proof

JOIN me here!!!, receive payments instantly, and get referral cash back here. type jayrene as your referrer, and leave a message after you have registered under me

$0.01/click, minimum $2 instant payment

no need to wait for your money, upon reaching minimum, cash it out, and receive it instantly, even if you are stillna standard member.

=), the best ever