Thursday, December 17, 2009

GVO - Global Virtual Opportunity


3rd monthly payment

I have been receiving payments from this site for two months now. I have not blog it till today as I wanted to see how this site will work for me. My test for two months is so far good, now here are my payment proofs. I am still a newbie in this kind of online business, but I can learn it like the rest of them that made it big out there... I believe that one has to work his way up, there is no such thing as easy to get rich kind of program. What we get here at GVO is our monthly downline commissions and our "other" income which is the website hosting, and renting of the other services there included in our package. You can see below what these packages are.

2nd month payment

As you can see I have growth here in this site, my earnings are increasing monthly and not only that I have 100% earning from the services I am promoting here. Like the hosting which we are offering right now and it starts at $1.oo/month only. For interested parties please feel free to contact us at Or you can leave a comment here and we will get back to you asap.

1st month payment

There are so many ways to earn here, aside from the 100% reseller earnings of the services like hosting, hot conferences, easy video producer, etc. we also earn from referral commissions. And not just personal referrals but also referrals from the spillover we get from our uplines. I only need two people on my first level, it could be my personal ref or ref i get from spillover, and the other referrals I get will be distributed to my downlines.

This is what's good in this site, not only are you working for yourself, but others too. We are a team here, helping each other out. Not only is the one above us earning but the people below them and below us are earning at the same time.

For the 100% earnings in the reseller rights, that depends on you how much work you do. You work hard you earn more, simple. The services you are promoting and earning from you can earn them for life.

Join our team, I consider myself very fortunate to be a part of this time. My direct upline is Mike of Traffic Wonderland, and some of the big "earners" on the net. Some of my downlines include the Negomedia team. If you do not know them yet, well they are traffic exchange site owners led by Alonso.


Packed with features, our shared hosting plans allow you to grow at your own pace with all the resources and support necessary for your growth. All of our shared plans come with a 99.9% uptime guarantee, 24/7 year-round online support, and telephone support.


EMAIL MARKETING - GVO mailing responder system included with your GVO account.

ONLINE CONFERENCING - GVO conferencing system. For online meetings, training, sales, online virtual support. Included with your GVO hosting account.

WEB SITE MONITORING SOFTWARE - GVO DowntimeWintess is our monitoring software that lets you know of possible downtime and what other competitors are up to. It's a virtual insurance policy for your websites! Included with your GVO hosting account.

VIDEO HOSTING - GVO offers video hosting along with all the tools to make it happen for you. Audio and Video recording systems lets you get your videos live to your website in minutes. Included with your GVO hosting account.

Monday, December 07, 2009

What every newbie in Traffic Exchange and Online Earning Should Need!

Did you know that Traffic Exchanges Dont Work!?

... Unless You Use Them Correctly!

I came across this new tool, while chatting in another traffic exchange, I got curious and checked it out, and boy was I glad I did that.

The e-book is FREE so I took it, what will I lose from downloading it? nothing! It was free so there I was after I downloaded the free ebook started reading it right away!

Gosh, I was blown away about what I read there, so very easy to follow, this is the book for newbies... believe me when I said that, the step by step guide, examples with pictures, you will not get lost here...

Very detailed, and it points in the right direction on how to really make it in online earning. So after reading the book, which took less than an hour, (no time wasted reading here, just few pages, which is very worth it), I started doing what was written there...

I learned two new things... and if you want to know what it is download the free e-book here

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There are several things you need to know about using traffic exchanges that will drastically increase your results and most importantly your profits.

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