Monday, October 04, 2010

Traffic Exchanges that Pays - Part III

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I have decided to blog this by parts so as not to make the posts very long. One part consists of only 10 paying traffic exchanges with their payment proofs. Enjoy reading!

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Crystal Surf - 1st payment $25.00 yey! $25.00 from this site! My first payment via paypal.

Crystal Surf is one o Marilyn's site. With lots to offer for its members not just in terms of earning but in advertising also. One of the most generous admins there is today.

Plenty of ways to earn here, commissions, contests, in-house and joint surf, lotto, cash surfing, and a whole lot more. You can only get paid here if you are an upgraded member. Crystal Surf is a manual traffic exchange, so you need to surf and click to earn credits so you can advertise for free. If you don't have time to surf, their upgrades are not that high, it's very affordable. You can convert your earnings/commissions to credits too, this saves us on paying fees.

click banner to join, its free, will open in a new


Traffic Gold Rush - first payment of $12.64 from this site. Paid via paypal, took me a very long time to reach payout here.

This site is one of those sites where most surfers are actively surfing and looking for opportunities, so I consider this site a good one when it comes to advertising. Unlike surf for cash sites, where members are there surfing only for cash and have little interest of what you are promoting, Traffic Gold Rush is different. They do have surfing promos, in-house and joint with other sites. Plus they still have that jackpot thing in the surfbar where you can win cash and advertsing credits, although not many cash, random days only.

Random prizes while surfing too, includes credits and cash, there are wo types of prize pages there so need pay attention when surfing.

Ways to earn are by commissions, surfing, prizes, contests.
Traffic Gold Rush

click on the banner to join, its free


More Than Hits - first payment, $22.00 from this site. Owned by Ken Athas and Marilyn Martin.

More than Hits is a manual traffic exchange. The Traffic Exchange Created By A Surfer For Surfers AND... An Owner Who Truly Cares About The Members!!

If you are looking for a place to advertise for free, and earn at the same time, then consider this site. Surfing is smooth, timer at 10 second. Lots os surfing contests, in house and joint surf with other sites. They also have lotto, and surf for cash. You can also earn through commissions.

click on the banner to join, its free

Random prize pages at the surf page are many, so you get extra credits for your clicks. One thing about this site that one must take into consideration is that you must be an upgraded member to cash out, other than this, the site is a good one to be in for advertising and online earning.


Hit2Hit - my first payment, $5.00 from this site, by paypal only. The site have very low payout of $5.00 and pays in just a few days.

Hit2Hit is a manual traffic exchange that you can join for free and advertise for free. What is different here form other traffic exchanges is that if you are an upgraded member, your sites will get to be promoted by the admin in 30+ traffic exchanges. No other traffic exchange site does that except this site only.

The site also does weekly contests and prizes includes, an upgrade, cash and credits. Plenty of active members surfing here daily, so this is one good site to be in, you will be getting unique hits here. And most members are opportunity seekers also, so the better your advertisement looks the better chance you have of getting sales and sign-ups.

click banner to join free, opens in new window


Easy Hits 4 U - my first payment, $3.00 from this site. 300,000+ members, a must site to join and advertise, joining here is free.

A manual traffic exchange with mroe than 100,000 members, the biggest traffic exchange that I know of. Uses targeted traffic. If you are looking for unique hits, then this one is a must site for you to join. It's free, just surf for your credits so you can advertise for free.

The site have low minimum payout too, only $3,00. You get $0.30 for every 1,000 sites surfed, that is accumulated, no need to surf for that many in one day. As long as you made 1k page views even if you made it in 5 days, you get 30 cents to your account automatically.

Being a free member here I can only surf about 200+ sites per day, as the site has targeted traffic. But if one upgrades can surf more than that.

I like the unique hits I am getting here. I also like their website rotator with that tiny bar just above the splashes I have added. I'm really not found of those big bars of website rotators.,

Your 1:1 Traffic Exchange

click banner to join free

Site is free to join, advertise being a free member by surfing for credits. No time to surf? then buy their advertising packages in as little as $5.00. Or you can upgrade and get credits monthly, they have upgrade options to choose from, and it is affordable so what is right for your budget.


Hit Crusher - woot! 1st payment $20.00 and its instant, like less than 30 minutes after I requested cashout. Site is free to join.

I'm just a new member here, and like all my traffic exchange sites, this is also a site where I advertise for FREE. A manual traffic exchange, surf to earn credits for your advertising.

Ways to earn here is by commissions (of course), contests - inhouse and joint surf contests, mostly with admin's other sites. Plenty of random prize pages too, way to build up your credits for your promotion.

click banner, free to join, will open in new window

No time to surf, then consider their upgrade where you can get credits monthly less the surfing activity. All you have to do is add those credits to your promoted sites and its all set for rotation there.


Traffic Splendor - 1st payment in this site $1.00, instant to paypal. I got lucky I won in a joint surfing contest. Every small amount add up, and I'm very much thankful for what I got here.

A manual traffic exchange that you can join for free. Start advertising right away for free. Surf for credits, and if you don't have time to surf, consider upgrading and you get monthly credits that you can allocate to your sites less the surfing activity.

Plenty of ways to earn cash here, in house surfing contests, joint surf contests with other sites, commissions of course. Plus sometimes they give away uprgades as prizes in contests, so it's really nice to join here.

click banner, free to join, will open in new window

Still a new site, but growing steadily due to joint surfing promos with other sites. If you want to attract more visitors/customers to your websites, then join here, you've got nothing to lose since it's all free!


Leading Surf - my 1st payment from this site $1.00, it is instant, maybe a small amount, but every bit add up :). This site is FREE to join.

Same owner of Guard Your Traffic, Johan pays right away to your paypal in whatever contest he have in his sites. Inhouse or joint surfing contests, no need to wait for payout, when you win or earn you get paid straight away to your paypal.

Started February 01, 2010, fairly new site, and if you are looking for a new place to advertise with new (different) members surfing, then consider this one.
Offers :
2:1 traffic ratio for free members
1000 free signup credits
Pro members get all free referrals from admin
1:1 traffic ratio for upgraded members
Earn $0.25 per referral
and 10% to 25% commision on downline purchases
over three levels

Leading Surf just like Guard, has random days where you can surf and get paid $0.25 in your paypal right away. Lots of in-house contest and joint surf promos with other sites. All winnings are paypal payment right away.

click banner to join, its free

Leading Surf is a manual traffic exchange. You need to surf in order for you to earn credits so you can advertise for free. Advertise for free.

If you don't have time to surf, then consider upgrading, they have a upgrade prizes that are just right in the pocket.


Forever Concepts - my 2nd payment from this site $6.00. One of my most like site, and I do try to make it a point to qualify here for the weekly challenge because I want to win the KIVA certificate. This site has a one of a kind concept, a traffic exchange with a purpose.

1st payment $5.00

They do mass payout, scheduled. Even if you have only $1.00 in your account you will receive payment here. So no need to request for cashout.

Have thousands of members now and continuously growing. Many ways to earn there, aside from commissions, they now have random prize pages while surfing. The weekly challenge, in-house surfing contests, and joint surf promo with other sites. Non stop-activity, so a good site for your promotion.

Forever Concepts is not just another TE, I have won a Traffic Exchange Script here when it was launched. I also have won a KIVA certificate which was one of a kind, you never get it from another traffic exchange, only here at Forever Concepts. A KIVA certificate is used to give loans to entrepreneurs from third world country and it will be paid by the one who made the loan by schedule. I've won already and have lend it to a fellow countryman and it feels good knowing that even if you need help, you were able to extend help to another person in need.

click banner to join, its free

Forever Concepts is a manual traffic exchange, meaning you need to surf in order for you to earn credits for your advertising. It is free to advertise here as long as you have credits, your site will be rotated and seen by members for free.

If you don't have time to surf, they have an upgrade where you will get credits monthly, and you don't have to do anything but log in and allocate those credits to your advertised sites. Check out their OTO too, you will get a massive discount there.


Sensible Hits - Another site of MM, and I made my 1st payment from this site $23.00. Took me a while to reach payment here but its all worth it.

One of Marilyn's site, owner of Redman Surf. Just like her first site, this is also a manual traffic exchange, meaning you need to click surf to earn credits so that you can advertise for free.

Admin has offered a whole lot for members to keep on surfing here. Inhouse contest, surf lottos, joint surfing contests and now the site ha surf for cash days also. Plenty of ways for you to earn real cash.

The site is growing at a steady pace, with members coming in daily. With many joint surfing contests from other sites, Sensible Hits is a busy traffic exchange, and a must for your advertising.

No time to surf? Check their upgrades, for as low as $4.95 you can upgrade monthly and get credits monthly without the need to surf. Use those credits to allocate to your promoted sites then watch your sales go up. To join, click on the banner below, its free.

click banner to join free, will open in new window


Jungle Clicks Pro - awesome, just new in my list and I was able to get my 1st payment of $10.00. I was lucky to win in a surfing contest held here, and I got paid right away. How cool is that huh? :)

If you have been following my blog, you will know all of the traffic exchanges where I get my advertising are all free to join, and you can advertise for free. This one is also free. The best things in life are free! lol

A manual traffic exchange, just barely new, but have a good look and members are increasing. Admin Mildred is good at support.

Lots of ways to earn here, in-house contests, surfing contests, the prize pages while surfing, and of course commissions.

If you ever want a new place to advertise, then this site is a must for you to join. Surf for your credits so you can advertise for free or if you don't have time to surf, they have upgrades and advertising packages, just choose which one there fits your budget. To join, click on the banner below, its free.

Click on banner to join, will open in new window


RealHitz4U - was finally able to reach first payout here. My 1st payment from this site $10.25.00. Click site name or the payment proof pic to join free, it will open in new window.

This is a manual traffic exchange site, free to join also. So if you are looking for a place to advertise your websites for free then this is a must join as they have thousands of members. Lots of prizes while surfing, not cash but advertising credits. The more you surf the more credits you will get not just from surfing credits but also from prizes you will find from surfing.

This is my first payment here, took me a long time to make it, as they don't have that much contest. But this site is one of the Powersurf Site of Hitsafari and Soaring4Traffic. You must all 3 sites at once to get more bonuses on credits, banners and text impressions. Every Sunday is a double bonuses day, sometimes with cash included in it, that you are guaranteed to receive after you surf the minimum of surf in all 3 sites.

They also have daily traffic rewards. So after surfing, make sure you check on that before logging out, its another bonus for your advertising, and a must to take because it is free.

Advertise for free here by surfing for your credits. No time to surf, then you can check out their upgrades and advertising packages, you can buy credits only, you can also buy a start page. The start page is the first page the surfer sees once he/she starts to surf, best way to get first attention. Chek out also their upgrades, if you want credits to allocate monthly to your sites. To join, click on the banner below, its free.

Click on banner to join, will open in new window