Saturday, February 21, 2009

The least PTC sites

If there are best PTC sites, scam sites, there will also be least PTC sites. Not to be considered as scam yet because they haven't closed down and ran away with the members' money (investments).

My considered least PTC sites are these, since i have pending payments here, more than 10 days of waiting now...


Both InstantlPTC and Mixbux payments are awaiting for account verification???? (3-10 days, as per the sites' TOS).

Toroads payment is waiting for admin's auditing (this is suppose to be 2-5 days only, it's what it said when i requested it, but at their TOS it says 10 days). I've been waiting for more than 10 days now.

For 247Bux my payment is in queue. When i requested it i was 404th to be paid, 4 days later i am in the 390th in line. The site is temporarily closed as of now, but not yet shutdown. The admin promised that they will be paying their members, premium first then standard members. The site is not sustainable as of now and admin is having cash problems. But the admin promised to open the site again, was they have paid all the payout requests.

These are also considered as my least PTC site:

5. - you have to invest first before you can cash out, no way for me.
6. - no ads to click everyday???!!!
7. - most of the days, there's to ptc ad, and offers are always over
everytime i log-in.
8. - the owner of this site is also the owner of, as from
the forums i've been reading.
9. Alexbux - 2 ads/day
10. Solutionscode
11. - 1 ad/day... what the heck???!!

There are still other sites that i have joined, some of them have turned scam already, that'll be in another post, i'll update my scam sites blog.

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