Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Building your list

Having been in online earning for more than a year now, I have now come to realize the importance of listbuilding.

It sure is right when they say "the money is in the list." I am learning and will continuously learn how the "gurus" are making it big in online earning. I may not make it as big as they are able to, but to earn a good some is what my goal is.

So far, my two money makers are TrafficWave and GVO. TrafficWave is the one I am using for listbuilding. If you are to build your own list, it means you get your own subscribers that you can send email without being a spammer. With that if you have found new sites that are good for online earning sites, you send mail to your list explain what the site is all about and how to earn from it, by doing so if they get interested you get referrals from the said site.

If there are good products that you have found, share them also to your subscribers, thereby creating a sales or you.

Not only are you gonna get your own referrals, but you will also get commissions from those who in your list who are going to upgrade or purchase something. This is easier than promoting every single link you have in traffic exchanges.

Not only are you gonna earn from your list, but with TrafficWave's, affiliate marketing plan, you will be getting residual income also, I am now. And its not just a few bucks... but can reach upto thousands of dollars. Check out how their affiliate marketing plan works here

a 5x10 forced matrix, with spillover from uplines.

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