Saturday, February 26, 2011

Auto surf site that pays

I recently joined an auto surf site introduced to me by a friend.

At first I was skeptical in joining it, but he got some payment proofs to back-up his claims so I tried it. The site is free to join, and don't spam your inbox with mails (which is what I like... lol). Risk free indeed.

Autosusrf traffic exchange by the way are traffic exchange that gives free advertising without the need for you to surf or click on anything except that verification page that appears once in a while.

Just open the site, log-in the start surfing, leave it just as that and it will surf on its own. Good for your sites that you want to drive traffic into for ranking purposes.

So I tried, surfed and got paid!

Join me here, it's free, your click will open in new window

Minimum payout is at $10.00 only.