Sunday, February 22, 2009

Payment - proof

Hello, just sent payment today for my cashback offer and here's my proof =).

Happy clicking hardrock888 - thanks!
*click the pic to enlarge for better viewing

Remaining balance will be carried over on my next payment.

For the meantime, cashback offer for Roudycash, Toroads, Mixbux, InstantlyPTC, Dingobux, Earn3 are temporarily stopped, as I have pending payments there, and I'm not sure when I'm gonna receive my money from these sites. I am paying my referrals eventhough I haven't yet received my payment. Once I received payments from these sites, all your clicks from where I have stopped including them in my updates will be credited again (will be included in your earnings), hope you understand. Thanks for your support.


Referral cashback, total earnings:
  1. alumiam - $ 0.7218 (*'s site is down for days now)
  2. hardrock888 - $ 1.0050 (including sites with my pending payments)

Newest PTC sites, join under me for your cashback

username - jayrene / clickrate $0.01, $2 min payout, instant

username - akoto / clickrate $0.01, $5 min payout, instant

90% cashback offer - my biggest for these 2 sites
UnoBux - The place to earn money - Improve, earn & withdraw instantly!
username - akoto as your referrer

username - jayrene as your referrer

Saturday, February 21, 2009

The least PTC sites

If there are best PTC sites, scam sites, there will also be least PTC sites. Not to be considered as scam yet because they haven't closed down and ran away with the members' money (investments).

My considered least PTC sites are these, since i have pending payments here, more than 10 days of waiting now...


Both InstantlPTC and Mixbux payments are awaiting for account verification???? (3-10 days, as per the sites' TOS).

Toroads payment is waiting for admin's auditing (this is suppose to be 2-5 days only, it's what it said when i requested it, but at their TOS it says 10 days). I've been waiting for more than 10 days now.

For 247Bux my payment is in queue. When i requested it i was 404th to be paid, 4 days later i am in the 390th in line. The site is temporarily closed as of now, but not yet shutdown. The admin promised that they will be paying their members, premium first then standard members. The site is not sustainable as of now and admin is having cash problems. But the admin promised to open the site again, was they have paid all the payout requests.

These are also considered as my least PTC site:

5. - you have to invest first before you can cash out, no way for me.
6. - no ads to click everyday???!!!
7. - most of the days, there's to ptc ad, and offers are always over
everytime i log-in.
8. - the owner of this site is also the owner of, as from
the forums i've been reading.
9. Alexbux - 2 ads/day
10. Solutionscode
11. - 1 ad/day... what the heck???!!

There are still other sites that i have joined, some of them have turned scam already, that'll be in another post, i'll update my scam sites blog.

Friday, February 20, 2009

The new look of TTG

WOW! Take the Globe's V2 is now out and here's the new look. Very nice! Congrats to the admin for his hard work, and to all the people who have made it possible. Time to invest here =). The ads load faster, and no waiting for the green check to see if your click was valdiated, and look at the minimum payout $2 only... great! and no more waiting for cheks as TTG is now paying through Alertpay!

For now, TTG is running in test only. no earnings from your clicks yet. you can join by creating a new username, as the admin is still going to put all the data in V1 to V2. Enjoy the test for now =) and see the big difference, what TTG v2 can offer us.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Cashback update...

cashback offer - my biggest for these 2 sites
UnoBux - The place to earn money - Improve, earn & withdraw instantly!
Put akoto as your referrer

Put jayrene as your referrer

This will be a shortcut update =)

Referral cashback, total earnings:
  1. alumiam - $ 0.7218
  2. hardrock888 - $ 0.7595
those that are not active are not included in this list =)

this is for alu, screenshot of the referral earnings, cashback 60%

*SHORT NOTE ON MIXBUX - i have payment pending here, and have heard some not so good news on this site, i am not saying that this is a scam site, as i am waiting for my payment, as of now computed refcashback for mixbux is up to feb 17 only. you can stop clicking or you can continue, once i get paid, your clicks after feb 17 will be credited again for my cashback offer.


PTC SITE - my username - jayrene - akoto - jayrene - jayrene - akoto - jayrene - jayrene

Do comeback here from time to time to check your clicks, but before you make any questions regarding your clicks, always check the date of the update =). i am doing this manually as of now, so updated clicks may take some time before i get it posted here. thank you for your support.

for, as they have different kind of earning computations, clicks rate differs, whenever you reach $1, I'll give you 50% of what I will be earning from your clicks. send me email, if you have reached $1 there.

Payments will be made when you reach $1, alertpay's minimum.



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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Clickersheaven Payment Proof

my username here is jayrene

Don't be fooled by the high minimum payout here, as there are more than 100 ads to click daily. it's easy to reach minimum payout. Join under me for your refcashback, type jayrene as your referrer. As for the payments here, as of now the admin is currently factoring out the payrate, so expect to be paid less from what you have requested, but it's nothing to be bothered about as they are paying their members, compared to those sites who are now considered scam sites. Great support too, visit their forum.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Certified Paying PTC Sites


Paying instantly with no problems, one of the best site there is. 4 ads daily for standard members, renting referrals cost $0.30/ref. but if you are a new member, you can rent twice with discount $0.25/ref, so rent wisely, think of the discount. I haven't read anything negative said about NEOBUX, so I can say that it is safe to invest here, on refs then later on upgrade to premium which is $90/year. But before you can uprgade there are some conditions that you need to do:
  • Registered at least 15 days: Have clicked 50 ads: Have rented at least twice
Once you meet the minimum requirements you'll be able to upgrade to Golden. Upgrades have more earnings of course, more ads to click and click rates are higher, yours and your refs. Check my payment proof here NEOBUX PAYMENTS.

If you want to join under me here, im offering 60% cashabck. My username there is jayrene. Leave a message once you have joined under me.


my username here is jayrene

You may think that it is hard to reach payout here as the minimum is high, but that is not to worry about as they have more than 100 ads to click daily, sometimes it even reaches more than 200 ads. Payment is not instant, but admin is an honest one, so expect to be paid for your clicks. Payments are factored out monthly, request your payment at the end of each month as payment requests are checked and distributed every 10th of the next month, sometimes wait for a few more days before you get tor eceive your payment. Here's my payment proof on this site CLICKERSHEAVEN PAYMENT.


This one here is not a PTC site but a referral cash back site. They pay instantly too with no problems, minimum $1 by alertpay and no minimum by paypal, but be warned though when cashingout by paypal, as I tried cashing out by paypal it was 40 cents, and paypal's service fee was so high, i got disappointed, 32 cents for the service fee, so I was only able to receive 8 cents. Admins here are good, great support team, you can join their forum, your posts will be replied by the admins.

As like other refback sites, once a site turned to scam, they will remove the site from your list, and eventhough you continue to click on the said scam site, and get paid, you will not get paid here. But one thing's good here is that, once you joined a site under them and you get approved as their referral, update your clicks daily and you will get paid after 24 hours. Once they have problems with the site, updating of clicks will be stopped, so you will have to wait for them to make it active again then you can update your clicks and get paid. They have low refcashback though, but at least you get paid right away.

You can be one of the referrer's here and get referrals, but become a VIP member first, then you can have your sites offered for referral cash backs. I am a VIP member here =D. Refer this site too and you can get refs earnings.

If you want to join this site, (oh, please do, even if I am offering cashback on my own, I will be glad to have you as my referral here). Please put akoto as your referrer, if you want to join PTCMarket. Thanks =)

Saturday, February 07, 2009

News about payments

THIS IS EDITED, just this moment:
okay so tried sending cents at paypal and it worked... so if you have a paypal account, i can send my payments there if it is below $1. but if you want to be paid at alertpay, it's okay, you'll just have to wait to reach $1, so i can send you payments... whew... =)


Oh darn, i was into alertpay and getting ready to send payments to my referrals, but... i am sorry, as it is now allowed to send les than $1. sorry guys, i will not cheat anyone of you here, there's a minimum of $1 for payments sent.

Ok so here's the updated clicks of my referrals, and the payments i want to send supposedly tonight to each one of them.

the totals for each referral is this:

username total clicks earned

Znagflow $ 0.02640

hearty $ 0.02700

alumiam $ 0.20340

cherrydispe $ 0.03365

hardrock888 $ 0.36600

I am going to make payments on PTC addicts, for this weeks clicks only, but the next clicks, will be paid once i get paid on the site, as there are rumors going around that this site is going to be a scam site.

it's my mistake, i should have tried it first with alertpay, about paying in cents, but i did not do it, now am really sorry as i already told you guys ill make payments tonight... please accept my apologies as i have no intention of running away from my responsibility. i have received a 10 cent payment though that's why i didnt check if i can send one like that. and this is my first time to make a payment. sorry, didnt want this to happen. but just keep on clicking, the total of your clicks from all the sites joined, once you reach $1, i'll be sending it right away, scam site or not.

Keep in mind clicking ads is not an easy to get rich kind of extra income, you should be patient and consistent, make your clicking a daily habit, the reward is great. Happy clicking.

Here are some of the sites i've joined, that you might want to become a part of. i still have my ref cash back offer for these sites.

my username here is j_akoto

my username here is akoto

Prosper Bux
my username here is j_akoto

my username here is j_akoto

my username here is jayrene

when you want to join these sites under me, please check the referrer... and when you have joined, do let me know, leave a message on my chatbox (just gibber it), it's on the left side. thanks for your support.

Monday, February 02, 2009

Proof of payments

well, folks, here's my proof of payments, my second actually... i got paid... i am now richer by almost $6+... lol...

click the picture to enlarge it for better viewing

to my referrals, please remain active in the sites you've joined under me... i am going to send payments this weekend. i dont have minimum payout here, so whatever amount you earned here i'll send it to you, it doesn;t matter if it is only 1 cent. keep on clicking...

Another new PTC site joined, MixBux, up to $0.02 per click, minimum payout is $3, easy to reach as they have more than 5 ads daily. If you want to join under my reflink, for my cashback offer, please put akoto as the referrer. thanks =)

MixBux, join me here, just click the banner, and make sure your referrer is akoto, for your cashback offer here. Leave a message once you registred under me
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  • Standard Members can earn up to $0.01 per click and $0.005 for every Rented referral click. $0.0025 for every Direct referral click.
  • Paypal, Alertpay payment gateway supported. Instant paymaent.
  • $1 min payout.

$0.01/click, maximize your earnings and join my referral cash back offer. Join under me akoto as your referrer.