Friday, December 10, 2010

Traffic Exchanges that Pays - Part II

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I have decided to blog this by parts so as not to make the posts very long. One part consists of only 10 paying traffic exchanges with their payment proofs. Enjoy reading!

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Volcano Hits - my 3rd payment now fromthis site $15.12 never fails. Trusted paying site and with good results in advertising too, which is the most important of all.

1st payment $15.01, 2nd - $15.31

Volcano Hits has been here a long time now. I've been a member since it was new, they have some good promotions going on there daily, surf lotto, inhouse surfing contests and joint surf contests with other TEs, there are also lots of prizes to be won while surfing. Many ways to earn there - commissions, contests, and surfing for prizes.

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Volcano Hits is a manual traffic exchange, you can advertise here for free, they have more than 5,000 members now and keeps on growing, most of those members are active in surfing. Surf for credits for your free advertising and you can even earn money from doing that if you win contests or find prizes while surfing. If you don't have time to surf then they have an affordable monthly upgrade for your advertising needs.

They have daily surfing events now too and many times they do joint surfing contests with other sites, that's why it is good to promote here because of the non-stop activity from members. More sign-ups more sales for you. Why not join here it's free, will cost you nothing.


Redman Surf - My 3rd payment now, $24.00. The site has more than 1,000 members now and continuously growing.

1st payment $22.00 - 12/09
2nd payment $25.00 - 6/24

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Things to take concentration here at redman in order for you to earn:

Surfing contests, surf lotto, Commissions (get referrals). I haven't got referrals that is upgraded here, most of the money in my account came from surfing contests and surf lotto. The site also has now special surf for cash days, where you can surf for cash with a $2.00 cap per person.

A new manual traffic exchange site, more than 1,000 members now and still fast growing. Owner Marilyn Martin, is always doing something new with this site, with lots of contests and she was the one who started the surf lotto.


Hits Gone Wild - my 1st payment from this site $17.00.

Like all the rest of my traffic exchanges joined, what you get here is free advertising and getting paid while doing that :). This is my first payment here.

I'm new here, and took their OTO which was really a good deal for me knowing I am advertising a lot of sites. I was able to reach payout in less than a month just by surfing. Plenty of ways to earn here, contests, lotto, occasional surf for cash days. I dont know why I like this site, with or without contest, I surf here. This is one of those sites that have become a favorite of mine. Not that many members yet, but is getting bigger due to joint surfing contests with other sites.

But if you don't have time to surf, then you can check out their upgrades which is really very easy on the budget. Just like the OTO I got, it was for 6 months upgrade and I paid only $10.00+, great deal!. When you upgrade you get monthly credits that you can add to your promoted sites then watch your sales go up. To join, click on the banner below, its free.

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Hits Impossible - my 1st payment from this site $24.15. Took me a while to reach payment here but its all worth it.

Finally, after a long wait, I was able to make a cashout request and got paid! So now I can say that nothing is impossible here... lol... Free advertising and getting paid while doing that :). This is my first payment here.

Been a member of this site since last year, this is a manual traffic exchange site, where you can advertise for free. Drive visitors to your websites/blogs, or promote your products online. Surf for credits, the more you surf the more credits you get. Allocate that credits to your promotional websites there and get it in rotation for other surfers to see. With thousands of members looking at your site, that is a whole lot of prospects.

No time to surf? then check out their advertising packages, just buy advertising credits and add it to your promotional sites then watch your sales go up. Or upgrade for a monthly fee, and get advertising credits monthly, it's that easy. To join, click on the banner below, its free.


Sky Scraper Surf - my 1st payment from this site $15.49

[caption id="attachment_117" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="1st"]

This is my first payment in this site. Took me a while to reach payout here, got paid a few hours after I made the request.

Skyscraper surf is another traffic exchange site, I get free advertising here and earn something at the same time. I am promoting 3 of my best sites here. Like all my other Traffic Exchange sites, Sky is a manual traffic exchange too.

click banner to join, its free

Skyscraper surf is one of the site in the Jenuine jackpot group, they have daily jackpots going on here where you will get extra prizes for surfing when you get to finish it. There are random prizes while surfing too, and sometimes have 3 way with 2 other sites in the Jenuine jackpot group with guaranteed cash, credits, banners and text impressions as prizes.

Has thousands of members that are going to view whatever it is you are promoting, this site is one of those sites to be in. You can advertise here for free by surfing for credits, or if you don't have time, you can purchase their advertising packages or go upgrade and receive credits monthly, that you can allocate to your websites so they will be advertsied (put in rotation). To join just click on the banner above.


Help Hits - My 2nd payment $27.15 and 3rd payment for this month. With more than 5,000 members and most of them are active, this site is one of the best site for advertising. Admin is none other than Connie Motala and Michael Coursey, same admins of Hit Lion and Major League Hits. I have been paid many times by Connie at HitLion, very prompt, no need to wait for days to receive it.

Click for payment proof:
1st payment - $30.00

HelpHits is a manual traffic exchange, surf or surf and chat there and meet other members not just in one site but in two sites, HelpHits chat is connected with HitLion chat. What better way to network and make new friends. Chatting while surfing make surfing less boring... lol

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How to earn at HelpHits
Random days surf for cash prizes
Weekdays and Weekend surfing contests
Email Read-It Bonus (get credits text/banner impressions and cash, send support ticket)
Paid to Click Ads (at members area, worth 8 cents daily)
Joint surfing contests with other TEs

Advertise for free here but surfing for your credits. Or if you don't have time to surf, check out their advertising packages, buy credits and have your websites, affiliate links rotated and be seen by thousands of members daily. Or you can also upgrade here and get credits monthly to your account, no worries on surfing for credits, just allot your credits monthly to your sites. AND, upgraded members earn more on commissions from their referrals. Very good and fast customer support from top honest admins.


Easy Chair Surf - my first payment, $1.00 from this site and for this month, this one is a newly launched site. It has a very responsive admin, even though the amount is small, every little amount adds up, and I am very thankful for it.

Easy Chair Surf is a manual traffic exchange using the AMCS TE script, surfing timer is a bit high compared to others but this is good for advertisers as it will give them more exposure to their promotions. Surfers will have to look at their ads a bit longer compared to those that have 6 timers.

I have won a lifetime upgrade her which is kinda cool, because I was the last person awarded with that upgraded, it was really fortunate that I have joined at the last moment.

Currently they have a referral contest, where the winner will win lifetime uprgade also and thousands of advertising credits. This is not a surf for cash site, this is what traffic exchaneg site is all about, advertising, membrs surf for credits to advertise and not just people surfing because there is cash prizes.

They have some surfing contest too where members wins cash, joint surf with other TEs are also held here. Credit prizes in random rotation too.

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Site is free to join, advertise being a free member by surfing for credits. No time to surf? then buy their advertising packages in as little as $5.00. Or you can upgrade and get credits monthly, they have upgrade options to choose from, and it is affordable so what is right for your budget.

Day Break Traffic - my first payment, $21.00 from this site, this is my second payment for this day, and it’s from Day Break Traffic, or as I always call it DB. I received $21.00 there, instantly upon request, payment sent to my paypal right away.

Do you want free advertising, we’ve got almost 1,700 members there now, actively surfing. That’s a whole lot of prospects for whatever it is you want to promote online.

I have posted DB as one of my featured sites here you can check it out, and see how good the site is, and how you can not just generate traffic and get results from advertising but how to earn from here also.

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Guard Your Traffic - fifth payment, $0.33 from this site, for surfing 300 at the joint surf with raccoon clicks. . This pays $0.25 directly to your paypal by surfing 100 sites, random days only. Special cash rewards are also sent directly to your paypal account.

Click for payment proof:
1st 4 payments

This is still a fairly new site, with few members but is fast growing. And I can say that this is better than any PTC if you are doing paid to click as here payments are sent directly to paypal regardless of amount, while at PTC you have to click for more than a month to receive $2 which is minimum in most PTC sites.

Surfing is smooth, timer at 10 second, free members gets 2:1 ratio. They also have progressive surfing ratio, meaning, that as you surf daily here, you get more credits for advertising, a better way on stacking up credits for those that wants advertising for free. This is site owned by a Dutch, so if you are looking for a new advertising site to promote anything online, try this. Join for free surf for credits or upgrade and get credits monthly.

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Fast Easy Traffic - first payment of $25.02 from one of the site of the Jenuine Jackpot group, with one week waiting time.

Fast Easy Traffic is the most generous site in the jenuine jackpot group. In-house jackpot runs twice a day, very seldom that it does not show up. If you are looking for a great place to advertise online, this site is one that is not to be missed. Free to join, surf for credits or if you have no time you can buy credits, just add it to the site you are promoting, and it will be in rotation right away. Or you can choose to upgrade and have credits monthly, no need to surf.

click on the banner to join, its free

minimum payout $25.00
random prize page while surfing, win any of these
cash, credits, banner and text link impressions
now has a jackpot mod that is live daily where you can win cash and credits


Truck Load O'Hits - My 1st payment $25.00 my first payment for this month of November. With 1,000 active members, this site is not to be missed when it comes to advertising. Jason makes sure all members stay active and surfing. Pays instant too, no waiting for days to get paid.

TruckLoadO'Hits has one of the most generous Traffic exchange admin there is, Jason Caddy. The site has surf for cash daily, cash prizes while surfing but this one you have to choose the right button, play with luck to win cash up to $5.00.

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