Friday, February 20, 2009

The new look of TTG

WOW! Take the Globe's V2 is now out and here's the new look. Very nice! Congrats to the admin for his hard work, and to all the people who have made it possible. Time to invest here =). The ads load faster, and no waiting for the green check to see if your click was valdiated, and look at the minimum payout $2 only... great! and no more waiting for cheks as TTG is now paying through Alertpay!

For now, TTG is running in test only. no earnings from your clicks yet. you can join by creating a new username, as the admin is still going to put all the data in V1 to V2. Enjoy the test for now =) and see the big difference, what TTG v2 can offer us.

1 comment:

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