Thursday, December 17, 2009

GVO - Global Virtual Opportunity


3rd monthly payment

I have been receiving payments from this site for two months now. I have not blog it till today as I wanted to see how this site will work for me. My test for two months is so far good, now here are my payment proofs. I am still a newbie in this kind of online business, but I can learn it like the rest of them that made it big out there... I believe that one has to work his way up, there is no such thing as easy to get rich kind of program. What we get here at GVO is our monthly downline commissions and our "other" income which is the website hosting, and renting of the other services there included in our package. You can see below what these packages are.

2nd month payment

As you can see I have growth here in this site, my earnings are increasing monthly and not only that I have 100% earning from the services I am promoting here. Like the hosting which we are offering right now and it starts at $1.oo/month only. For interested parties please feel free to contact us at Or you can leave a comment here and we will get back to you asap.

1st month payment

There are so many ways to earn here, aside from the 100% reseller earnings of the services like hosting, hot conferences, easy video producer, etc. we also earn from referral commissions. And not just personal referrals but also referrals from the spillover we get from our uplines. I only need two people on my first level, it could be my personal ref or ref i get from spillover, and the other referrals I get will be distributed to my downlines.

This is what's good in this site, not only are you working for yourself, but others too. We are a team here, helping each other out. Not only is the one above us earning but the people below them and below us are earning at the same time.

For the 100% earnings in the reseller rights, that depends on you how much work you do. You work hard you earn more, simple. The services you are promoting and earning from you can earn them for life.

Join our team, I consider myself very fortunate to be a part of this time. My direct upline is Mike of Traffic Wonderland, and some of the big "earners" on the net. Some of my downlines include the Negomedia team. If you do not know them yet, well they are traffic exchange site owners led by Alonso.


Packed with features, our shared hosting plans allow you to grow at your own pace with all the resources and support necessary for your growth. All of our shared plans come with a 99.9% uptime guarantee, 24/7 year-round online support, and telephone support.


EMAIL MARKETING - GVO mailing responder system included with your GVO account.

ONLINE CONFERENCING - GVO conferencing system. For online meetings, training, sales, online virtual support. Included with your GVO hosting account.

WEB SITE MONITORING SOFTWARE - GVO DowntimeWintess is our monitoring software that lets you know of possible downtime and what other competitors are up to. It's a virtual insurance policy for your websites! Included with your GVO hosting account.

VIDEO HOSTING - GVO offers video hosting along with all the tools to make it happen for you. Audio and Video recording systems lets you get your videos live to your website in minutes. Included with your GVO hosting account.

Monday, December 07, 2009

What every newbie in Traffic Exchange and Online Earning Should Need!

Did you know that Traffic Exchanges Dont Work!?

... Unless You Use Them Correctly!

I came across this new tool, while chatting in another traffic exchange, I got curious and checked it out, and boy was I glad I did that.

The e-book is FREE so I took it, what will I lose from downloading it? nothing! It was free so there I was after I downloaded the free ebook started reading it right away!

Gosh, I was blown away about what I read there, so very easy to follow, this is the book for newbies... believe me when I said that, the step by step guide, examples with pictures, you will not get lost here...

Very detailed, and it points in the right direction on how to really make it in online earning. So after reading the book, which took less than an hour, (no time wasted reading here, just few pages, which is very worth it), I started doing what was written there...

I learned two new things... and if you want to know what it is download the free e-book here

==> FREE TE List Building Report (ebook)

There are several things you need to know about using traffic exchanges that will drastically increase your results and most importantly your profits.

If you hurry you can still access your copy of The TE List Building report that shares how to effectively use traffic exchanges now.

Grab your copy now and start making the traffic exchanges work for YOU instead of you working for them:

==> FREE TE List Building Report (ebook)

P.S. The report is 100% F~R~E~E so hurry and grab your copy now:

Thursday, November 26, 2009

A Special Prize from a Special Traffic Exchange Site

Yep, I won a special prize, from Forever Concepts, the new traffic exchange site with a heart.

There were many prizes to choose from, and they are all awesome... For my prize I chose this one --> the newest traffic exchange script =), cool huh. LFMTE. It's not that I am going to start my own TE, but its more of wanting to learn something new.

The Prize

This newest traffic exchange script, is based on a tried and tested marketing script Launch Formula Marketing, this new LFMTE was designed by a top marketer, Robet Puddy owner of Advertising Know How and built by a top TE industry programmer, Josh Abbott, owner of Trafficmods, a site set up specifically to create mods for all those poor scripts currently available. With LFMTE, it's a recipe for success, and if you are deciding to have your own online business and try Traffic Exchange, then this one is just what you are looking for. Try signing up and check out the demo to see how this new TE script feels.

The site where I won this is using this new LFMTE script. I call this new traffic exchange a TE with a heart because of the program they have there. Joining is free and with it comes the chance for us to help entrepreneurs in poor countries to keep going or get started with their small businesses. For only $25.00 we can loan it to these entrepreneurs, a microfinance at That's a $25 gift certificate that we can also win here at Forever Concepts. Now with Forever Concepts program, this is what I call the traffic exchange with a heart.

Joseph Riley owns this site. Free to join, we get free advertising, surf for credits, or go upgrade, or better yet to understand this site better, come and join us here it's free anyway so you've got nothing to lose but a lot to gain. There are so many things you can try at this site. Hurry now, and check it out.

Join us here in Forever Concept, and see how the site works. And if you want to be a TE owner, consider the new LFMTE script.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Text Ad Exchanges that Pays

~ always updated
Here below are my paying Text ad exchanges. What are text ad exchange or TAE, it is where you can send soloads to all the members of the site. There is no denying that soloads works best. Some sites offers Super Solo Ads, where they send your email advertisement to many sites with more than 5,000 some even more than 10,000 members for a very small fee. You can also have your banners, affiliate links posted in the site and members can view it. Here below, are my TAEs which have paid me. They are all free to join. The latest payments are always the first. So check here from time to time to see what sites are legitimate paying sites. Click the name or banner to join free.

AdzQuik - Received my 5th payment of $13.20 instantly, never failed to pay on time. This time I requested payment through paypa. I have noticed on my two cashouts by paypal here, that paypal gets too high service fee for receiving payments. Advertising results and prompt payments, that is what you will get here at Adzquik.

check payment proofs:
4th payment $7.07
3rd payment $19.40 --- 2nd payment $8.25 --- 1st payment $5.01

This site pays both through paypal or alertpay. My first payment was through alertpay, the 2nd and 3rd payment i requested it that i be paid through paypal, and I received paypal payment, very nice.

This site is free to join. Click soloads and earn points and cash while viewing it. They also have PTC now. Go pro for a small amount of $10.00 that's lifetime already, so why not try it. Because pro here earns more in credits and cash by clicking soloads and PTCs than free members. Maximize your earning and go pro if you can afford it.

Minimum payout is $5.00 only, so easy to reach especially if you are a pro member.

Their soloads are sent to more than 10,000 members (11 sites participating in all), great way to advertise your promotional emails, think of all those prospects. I have had many sign-ups here just sending soloads regularly, they are sent to all members of the site.

Here is how you will earn there...
  • by clicking solo ads, traffic links, browsing html ads
  • by clicking ptc ads - free members 0.005 / pro members - 0.01
  • commissions - free members 10% / pro members 35%

click banner to join, its free
Sign-up bonus is 500 points on joining


AMA Adz - Received my payment $5.40 here today (04-16) instant through Paypal. Great!

An ad exchange, promo here is free PRO till we reach 1,500 members, so get in now. PRO members earn more. Send soloads to more than 1,000 members here, way to get your products, affiliate and reflinks promoted. Soloads works best. Try their super soloads, your ad/email will be sent to 11 sites with a total combination of 6,700+ members for only $5.50.


Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Traffic Exchanges that Pays - Part I

~ always updated~
Ok so to start here's my list of traffic exchanges that pays, browse till the end of this post to see more paying sites... Click the name of the site to join, or click the banner. They are all free to join and free members get paid here. The one on top of the list is always the latest payment, as this blog is updated from time to time once i received payments from my TE sites.

Check out my Traffic Exchanges that PAYS - Part II

Max Traffic Pro - received my second payment today from MTP $5.70 for this month.

Click payments for proof:

click banner to join for free

Another manual traffic exchange that you can join for free. Surf for credits or upgrade and get more from it, commissions from your referrals. Plus they have joint surf contests with other sites where you can win cash, credits and upgrades. They also have this roulette that you can find while surfing and you can even win more credits there and other good stuff.

Use Max Traffic Pro in the right manner and you will be pleased with your results every time. There are over 15,000 users at this time, this alone should tell you something works.

No matter what, you need to get the Maximum traffic to your site,
and that's where MAX TRAFFIC PRO come in!


Tunnel Rat Traffic - second payment from my favorite site $11.05, instant. i just love this site, tunnel is now one of the members of the Jenuine Jackpots, the one with jackpot mods, but even with that new addition, the site still had retained its uniqueness that i have loved from the day it was launched.

Click payments for proof:

click on the banner to join, its free

minimum payout $10.00
random prize page while surfing, win any of these
cash $0.01 - $0.25, credits, banner and text link impressions
now has a jackpot mod that is live daily where you can win cash and credits

One of my favorite sites. A manual traffic exchange where you can join for free. With a very supportive admin that everyone cant help but love =) . Never miss this site for your advertising purposes, with lots of active members, i always get good results here when advertising my other sites. Surf for credits, and some cash too, lots of them you can win while surfing or if you got no time to surf, check out their advertising packages, which are really cool on the budget. Or you can upgrade and get credits monthly. If you are still not in her then you're missing a lot, join now it's FREE.


Rainbow-Traffic - My 4th payment $19.66 my highest payment here at rainbow. This site has one of the most supportive admin there is in Traffic Exchanges. My experience with my third payment here, i forgot to put my paypal account, it is important to put your paypal or alertpay account when requesting payment here, but still the admin had sent me payments.

Click payments for proof:

Click the banner to join

weekly 3 day surfing contest where we can win cash

Rainbow traffic is a manual traffic exchange site, free to join lots of members, admin here is so very supportive of her members. if you have trouble accessing the site or if there is something you want to ask, Suzzana will reply your email right away. Surf for your credits or buy their advertising package if you dont have time to surf and just want to advertise here. Site layout is so very nice, and user friendly.

The have weekly contests and joint contests with lots of cash prizes and credits to be won.

Traffic Wonderland - received my 4th payment of $16.43. I just love this site, as this site have paid me many times already, they are prompt in their payments. And there are many ways to earn there, commissions, surfing, contests, prizes, jackpot mod is on daily.

click the amount to see proof:
3rd payment - $16.10 --- 2nd payment - $15.34 --- 1st payment - $25.00

A Manual traffic exchange, free to join, with lots of random prizes while surfing. Surf for prizes includes cash $0.01 cent up to $1.00, credits, text and banner impressions. Daily jackpot with lots of prizes are also going on here. They also have 3-way jackpots with two other TEs, where we can win cash, credits, banners and text impressions.

Advertise your sites here for free. Surf for your credits so your site will be put on rotation. No time to surf? Then check their upgrades where you get credits monthly or their one time payment advertising packages. This is one good site to advertise in as they have many members already, you will get many prospects looking at what you are going to offer.

click banner to join, its free


Hit Lion - Received 2nd payment $40.00 instant, automatic, without requesting for it. This is the highest payment i have received so far since i started in my online earning.

Click payments for proof:

1st payment - $15.08

click banner to join, its free

prizes for surfing are cash, credits and lottery tickets
weekly contests with cash and credits as prizes
joint contests with other TEs also with cash and credits as prizes

Hit Lion is a manual traffic exchange site, it is free to join. This is one of my favorite site in traffic exchanges and i am on here daily. They have chat while surfing. I have met a few good friends here, and the owner, Connie, sometimes go to chat too and chat with members. Hit lion is another great way to promote your site and products. Surf for credits or buy their advertising packages, which is very easy on your budget. you can also upgrade here and get credits monthly if you dont have time to surf for credits. Chat and meet new friends here. Check me there at that chat room if you happen to surf there. See you.


Ad-Ventures4U - I am receiving weekly payments here, 7th week cashout $8.00. this is my highest earning here so far. The more you have on the site the more your weekly earnings will be.

Click payments for proof:
6th payment - $8.00 --- 5th payment - $23.00 --- 4th payment - $5.00 ---
3rd payment - $8.00 --- 2nd payment - $8.00 --- 1st payment - $5.00

for the benefit of those that looks for payment proof i had withdrawn money there for last week, i withdraw the minimum amount of $5.00 although i have more. this is so i can post payment proof here. this site is paying. and for $10.00 only you become upgraded member and can advertise 20 of your sites there, also you will be given credits weekly. And that $10.00 will give you weekly earnings.

click banner to join

To understand this site better click the link to this blog MY WEEKLY EARNING ONLINE SITE


Traffic Taxis - Received 2nd payment of $17.37.

Click payments for proof:
1st payment - $26.91 ---

Click the banner to join

Traffic taxis is a manual traffic exchange site, free to join lots of members, so a great way to promote your site, drive traffic and visitors to it. Promote your products here too, great way to generate sales, as there are lots of members surfing daily so you have many prospects if you advertise there. Surf for your credits or buy their advertising package if you dont have time to surf and just want to advertise here.

They have jackpot mod running all day too, with lots of cash prizes and credits to be won daily, so dont miss it and join this site.


Atlantis Hits
- this is my first payment in this site, $5.00, instant. I won in a splash designing contest.

This is just a newly launched site, with a very good support. Admin here is very friendly, meet her in the chatroom. This site has surf and chat. Get in here now, this site is offering surf for cash, plus contest. A manual traffic exchange site, surf for credits. No time to surf? check out their advertising packages or upgrade and get credits monthly. Join now here while it's still early, this is also a free to join site, and should not be missed. Top honest admin.

click banner to join, its free


Wind City Hits - THIS SITE IS ALREADY CLOSED. Received my commissions payment today $13.62, instant. I consider this one of the best site i am in. the admins are very supportive. chat with them while you surf. and i get good results for my advertisement here too. they pay by alertpay and paypal.

Click payments for proof:
1st payment - $10.00


GradeA Traffic - My first payment for this month $10.00 received instantly.

click banner to join for free

GradeA is another great traffic exchange, it is a manual traffic exchange and it is free to join. You only need to surf 100 sites here daily, to be enter into a draw for the weekly contest where you can win real cash, upgrades, credits and more. Those who wins cash here gets paid by paypal upon submitting support ticket.

Great way to advertise or promote your sites and products because they have more than 6,000 members.

Anyone who surfs 200+ pages a day will get an entry to weekly prize.

Weekly Prizes To Be Awarded:

1. AdsAndCash LifeTime Diamond Membership ($49.95 Value)

2. $30 Cash
3. Email to 3000 Opportunity Seekers
4. 5 Entries In Surf To Diamond Contest
5. Boogie Board Package At Easy Surf Exchange ($9.95 Value)
6. Boogie Board Package At Easy Surf Exchange ($9.95 Value)
7. 1000 Credits At GradeATraffic ($9.50 Value)
8. 1000 Credits At GradeATraffic ($9.50 Value)

9. 750 Credits At GradeATraffic ($7.50 Value)

10. 750 Credits At GradeATraffic ($7.50 Value)
11. 500 Credits At GradeATraffic ($5.00 Value)

12. 500 Credits At GradeATraffic ($5.00 Value)

If you are an A+++ Member Prize is Doubled!

If you win the BoogieBoard Package and are A+++ only the text and banner impressions will be doubled.

If you are already an AdsAndCash Diamond You Get $25


Bootscootin Traffic - received $15.19,instant payment.

BootScootinTraffic - Don't Mess With BootScootinTraffic!

Manual traffic exchange site, surf for credits and cash. or if you cant surf buy their advertising package or upgrade for credits monthly. have lots of members, good for promoting your sites, blogs, affiliate and referral links. complete the bonus words and get more credits for your advertisement, look for the word of the day and win more credits also. joint contest with other sites with lots of prizes including cash, credits and sometimes free upgrade.

Bootscootin to the Max, form two words from this site and be entered into the drawing to win $10.00 or $5.00.

Bootscootin witch codes, look for the codes in two sites and be entered into drawing to win thousands of credits

Earn commissions from your referrals when they upgrade or buy advertising packages.


247Traffic Pro - Received payment $5.00 (24 hours). join now it is free, and get paid like i do.

Manual traffic exchange, free to join, lots of random prizes while surfing, cash (in euro), credits, banners, plus contests.


Monday, October 19, 2009

Win a MINI LAPTOP just by surfing

Yes, you could win a mini-laptop just by surfing. We are having a Halloween Bash, a halloween celebration, a whole week of halloween surfing and clicking. Yep, come join the fun.
What Can I Win?
Well hows this for a MEGA Top Prize.......

clicke HERE for details of the mini laptop

  • Get A chance to win A Mini laptop by Refering and Surfing in our 13 Days of ghouling fun...
  • Six Sites Are involved..
  • Surf each exchange on it's given day and you will be entered in to win daily.
  • On Day 13 Surf all 6 exchanges to win final prizes of Upgrades, Credits, Banners, & Texts Ads.
  • Top referrers and surfers will be entered in to win the laptop.

1 Grand Prize Winner Overall (laptop) From All 6 Sites then from each exchange
1 Winner of a 3 Month Top Upgrade
1 Winner of a 30 Day Top Upgrade
1 Winner of 5000/5000/5000
2 Winners of 2500/2500/2500
5 Winners of 1000/1000/1000
61 winners total
and then all the other prizes each TE will give out on their own TE days!

Where Do I Surf?


What Do I have To Do?

Minimum Surf each day is 300 Pages since you will only be required to surf One
(1) site a day. But of course the more sites you do the more you'll qualify..
Until the Last day On Oct 31st surf all 6 TES for extra entries for drawing so Surf Requirement will by 150 for a total of 850 pages for that last day.

October 26 - First site to surf is - SURFING WITH THE OLDIES - surf 300 sites or more.
October 25 - Second site to surf is - VOLCANO HITS - surf 300 sites or more.
October 24 - First site to surf is - TOP FLIGHT TRAFFIC - surf 300 sites or more.
October 23 - Second site to surf is - TRAFFIC SPEEDWAY - surf 300 sites or more.
October 22 - Second site to surf is - TRAFFIC SHOWDOWN - surf 300 sites or more.
October 21 - Second site to surf is - HELP HITS - surf 300 sites or more.
October 20 - Second site to surf is - VOLCANO HITS - surf 300 sites or more.
October 19 - First site to surf is - SURFING WITH THE OLDIES - surf 300 sites or more.

They are all FREE TO JOIN! Click the banner to join

Surfing with the oldies

Help Hits

Traffic Speedway

Traffic Showdown

Top Flight Traffic
TopFlightTraffic - Send Your Traffic To The Top

Volcano Hits

Advertise for free and get a chance to win the grand prize of --- MINI LAPTOP.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

How to earn through Traffic Exchange - TE

Next on my online earning journey is being involved with TRAFFIC EXCHANGE sites or what we call TE. I was a little bit frustrated with my PTC earnings, I have been clicking for 4 months, and have so many pending payments in sites that later on turned to scam. It was a waste of time and effort.

I told my brother about what I was doing, and he mentioned why not get paid to blog. Not giving up, I started to search for ways to earn by blogging. Sure did, I found some really good sites that pays you to write an article and post it in your blog. I have been a blogger for years, so I kind of like the idea of getting paid to blog. But there was one requirement there, the alexa rank of my blogsites should be higher and from what I saw in my sites, they were not.
Searching on how to make the blogsite rank higher, I came across advertising...

and this is where my traffic exchange earnings began...


What is aTE?
TE or Traffic Exchange is also an advertising website, just like PTC. The only difference here is that we are not paid to click on website ads, what we get are credits so we can advertise our sites too, and have it in rotation at the TE we are a member of. At a Traffic Exchange we surf, and there is a timer, once the timer is done we click a symbol so the next ad will come out. This is really what I call free advertising. But you have to surf there in order for you to get that free advertising of your sites to earn credits. Credits is what you use to put in your site so it will be rotated and get seen by other members.

There are two kinds of traffic exchange sites, one is the manual traffic exchange and the other is the auto traffic exchange. The difference between the two, with the manual you are sure enough someone is looking at your advertisement, and with the auto you dont even know if it is getting noticed, since people just leave it on for autosurfing. In a way autosurf TEs is also good if all you want is some traffic to your sites for higher ranking.

How to earn by TE?
We dont only get credits in TE for surfing, we also get some cash in it. To earn in TE, one must become a member first (of course), and have an ALERTPAY and/or PAYPAL account, which you can apply for free. Almost all TE sites are free to join, so one can start advertising and earning right away without having to invest money in it. The most important part of a traffic exchange is that you should have something to advertise. If you are here only just to earn money, your account can be deleted as there are some sites that requires you to have your website in rotation too.

Each TE site has their own payout. Some require you to have a minimum of $10.00 before you can cash out, others are $15.00, and the highest I have seen is $40.00. Some pays instantly, some you will have to wait for days.

To earn here, one needs to be active in surfing. Most of the traffic exchange sites out there have some contests, and the prizes includes cash, credits, and even upgrades. Some other sites offer surf for cash, what does it means? It means that for every site you surfed a certain amount is added to your account, but its very little really and you need to surf everyday for it.

There are many TE sites that have cash prizes in the pages while surfing, you can see them and you need to click them. The highest that I know of a prize page is $100.00. Other cash prizes could be as low as $0.001.

There are some TE sites that have what they call a jackpot mod, you can see them at my Traffic Exchange Sites that Pays, where I have posted payment proofs.

There are surfing contests here where we can win some cash, credits, and upgrades. Some last for only a day, others last for a week. Some other TEs will have joint surfing contests with other sites, and this one you need to surf the other TE too, if you are not a member of the other TE, you have to sign-up there and surf also. There are some TEs that even if they have joint surf, you dont really need to join the other site that you are not a member of. Sometimes you need to surf only 100 sites, at other sites more than that to be entered into drawing. I have won in many surfing contests. If the contest say surf 100, and your target is only to surf that, make it like 105 or 110, as the prize pages are not counted. If you surf only the exact number of sites, you may not be entered into drawing as prize page are not counted (this is just what I noticed).

There are sites that offers a little cash while surfing, you need to surf a certain number of sites, then a cash link will come out at the surf bar, and you need to click it to claim it.

Sometimes a traffic exchange site will offer referral contest, here comes your need to advertise such site in other TEs, this is so you will get referrals for that site having a referral contest. The prizes go as high as $150.00 for the top 1 or even more than that, this happens in big traffic exchange sites. Other sites that are still starting offers an amount like $10.00 for the top prize. I have won some referral contests, and it really feels good that my effort was paid off. At some other sites, you dont win cash, what they offer are credits, and upgrades. Upgrade is also important, as when you are upgraded you get more credits when you surf and you get a higher commission.

You will get commissions here too, it is explained below. This one is really the best as you earn without having to work hard for it.

Some suggestions to maximize your TE earnings
Before joining any TE site,make sure you have a site to advertise in there too. Your blog site, or referral links of other sites. It is really important. That is what a traffic exchange is for, you surf to look at other people's sites, and they in return will see what you are advertising.

The good of advertising your website is that, there will be a chance that you get referrals in one of your sites, say a PTC and earn more from there.

Also advertise the TE you are a member of in other sites too. This is also important, why, because there are people out there that don't have time to surf, and what they only do is buy advertising credits, or upgrade, when they do that you earn commissions from their purchases. I have had some traffic exchange sites where I am a member and I was fortunate enough to have paid referrals there.

When you have paid referrals already, try to upgrade yourself, this is important, it is because free members earns a small percentage of the commission like 10% of the purchases made by your referrals. Whereas if you are an upgraded member and your referral makes purchases, you get 40%, some even as high as 60% of your referral's purchases. See the big difference a free member earns from an upgraded member.

What do you get from your referrals that don't upgrade in TE?
Unlike PTC, you do not earn cash for your referral's click. What you will earn is credits too, which is really good, as when you have many referrals, you dont need to surf that much if you are only after credits for advertising as your referrals surfing will give you enough credits so you can advertise your sites.

What is a trade reflink?
Just like PTC, there is also a trade reflink here, you trade with other members for other sites. You join their site and they join yours.

What NOT to do in TE?
Never ever use an autosurf software (bots) when surfing in manual traffic exchange sites. Do not have a multiple account especially when there are referral contests. Once you get banned in a TE site for cheating, you will be blacklisted and cannot join other sites. There is a verification page while surfing, you have to click that or answer it correctly, do not pass by it without clicking it, failure to do so, will get you suspended.

When having referral contests, follow the rules, because even if you are on top 1 and you are found to be cheating like getting paid sign-ups, you will be taken off from the contest. If they say you need sites in rotation, do so, and remain active.

More benefits of a Traffic Exchange
This is one of the good part of being a member of traffic exchanges, some TE sites have chat installed in them, that while surfing you can chat with other members that are surfing too. I have met some very good people here that I have become close friends through chatting and surfing.

Traffic exchange is not only about earning cash and having free advertising, but winning some friends too. Also the good about having to chat while surfing is that you get some referrals too, as you can explain more what the sites you are in, and you can point them to your blog by having your links included in your name while chatting.

Surfers are real people too, just like you, be nice and kind to them even if some are a little bit rude, we never know if they are going through some trials in their lives at the moment.

With TE sites that have chat installed, you will have a chance to meet and talk to the admins also, which I find is really nice as you get to know the owner of the sites you are a member of.


I've made really good money in it, with hard work, you can see my payment proofs here. The first money I received here was from Traffic Wonderland where I won a surfing contest, it was $25.00. After that, I let go of PTC clicking and concentrated on surfing and making my blogsites have that higher rank by driving visitors to it through TEs. Next on my online earning journey are all about getting paid to write. So if you are someone that likes blogging and writing, drop by here sometimes to check it out.


For further reading, click this:
My Traffic Exchange sites that pays
List of Scam Sites
Traffic Exchange by Wikipedia

Monday, September 14, 2009

Social networking site with a twist... i got paid

Can you believe it? Social networking sites that pay its members for their activities. Post discussions there, asks anything, respond to discussions from other members and get paid for it.

Mylot - This is my third payment now from this social networking site. 3rd payment of $10.85 instantly and automatically. They pay automatically once a month every 12th-15th of the month, they send their payments to your PAYPAL

check payment proofs:
2nd payment $17.72 --- 1st payment $23.88

Mylot is a social networking/forum site. They pay once a month and they pay automatic, no need to request, once you reach the minimum payout of $10.00, you can be sure that the 12th - 15th of the next month, your payment will be sent to your paypal.

get paid to post discussions, responses to other users discussions, and writing tasks
minimum amount of payout is $10.00 easy to reach

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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Daybreak Traffic - Featured Site

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I came across this site months ago. I saw the sign-up page rotating in another traffic exchange I was surfing at and what caught my attention here was that "random cash prize live" blinking. So I signed-up here and had another friend I was chatting at that time join here too. We had fun surfing here and we even won some cash. I was able to find $3.00+ while my friend found $4.00+, she surfs faster than me, that's why.

Daybreak Traffic is a manual traffic exchange site. Where we can advertise for free. This is free to join, surf for credits or if you don't have time to surf, check their upgrades or advertising packages which is really easy on the budget.

Features of this site are click of hover surf. And while surfing you could win random cash and credits. They have only two cash prizes $1.00 bonus and the $0.25 bonus, when you see it, you have to report it and type what you saw. I have already earned more than $16.00 here from surfing.

You can earn 15% - 45% commission on referral upgrades and or purchases. Free members get 15% commissions, and the upgrades get higher commissions (of course). There are two upgrades here, the GOLD which is $5.00/month only and the PLATINUM which is $10.00/month.

What I like about this site aside from the prizes while surfing is their progressive ratio that increases as you surf. Your ratio increases the next day when you surf there again, this is really good if you are a free member and is surfing for credits. As we all know, if we are advertising our sites, affiliate links, or products we need credits to have it in rotation so other members can see it, I have gotten some sign-ups from advertising here, so this site is recommended for your advertising needs.

While surfing you will get free credits, lottery tickets and of course cash (random days only). They also have daily, weekly and monthly top surfer awards. Plus a downline builder.

Banners and text ads are free here as long as you have remaining credits, so no need to worry if our banners and text ads are still rotating or not, unlike some other traffic exchanges where we have to put impressions on them to have them rotated.

Join us here and meet other surfers there as this site have chat installed, and admin steve is sometimes chatting there also, so it's one good way of knowing the TE owner.

Also admin Steven rewards those that advertise their referral links in other traffic exchanges, when he sees the Daybreak home page, splashes or banners rotating in other TEs, the owners of those ref links get rewarded with cash. Nice way to add some cash into your account. A must to join. Not only do we get visitors to our sites here we also earn some real cash too.

Whatever website it is you are promoting have it advertise here at Daybreak Traffic.

click banner to join, its free