Monday, August 31, 2009

A little guide on my online earning journey

I'll be starting on some 'how to' and 'what is' kind of posting from now on, on the programs I am in. Some of the people I know are asking where I am earning online and how I am doing it. There are those who have visited this blog and is still confused on how to do it, and start earning online like what I do.

I started from scratch, with zero money on my pocket, and only an internet connection to start. Here are some of the programs I have tried. I have earned from them, some were good and some were little. But every little amount add up, so I am thankful for each one of those sites for the payments I have received from them. But not all sites in the programs I have tried have paid me, so it's really wise before anyone starts joining an online earning site, a search should be done first if it is a paying site or not. SCAM sites should be avoided, that way you will not waste your time and effort in it.

I started with $2 payment, and I can say I am progressing in what I am doing. From $2 in one month, now I am able to earn more than $100.00 in a month. My goal is to earn a good amount online. Every month I post here my monthly earnings, and every payment I get from the sites I am in, I also post here.

Below are the programs I have tried and have earned from:
(all of them are free to join, and you can earn from them as a free member, except for the last one where you have to spend money to earn)
  1. PTC - Paid toClick
  2. TE - Traffic Exchange
  3. TAE - Text Ad Exchange
  4. GPT - Get Paid to Post
  5. Social Networking Sites
  6. Forum
  7. Writing
  8. HYIP - High Yield Investment Program (very risky)
I will do some explanation on each of the programs listed here, I'll be posting them to give you an idea on how I earned there and what to do. This will make this post some kind of series, so drop by and check once in a while if you have time.

These ones below I am also in but have not yet received any payment:
  1. Clickbank
  2. Autoposting on social networking sites
  3. Gaming sites

Check also my other posts, as I have posted payment proofs on the sites I am in, I have also here some featured sites, where I consider them as one of my favorite and I visit daily. Thank you for taking your time to read this post, see you next time.

My online earning journey does not stop here, I am still in search for other ways to earn online.
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Thursday, August 27, 2009



HYIP that closed down - as i have stated in my HYIP dedicated post, these sites are very risky as they can go away any minute without users knowing and run away with the members' money.

1. Investimates - right after i reinvested for my second investment, it closed down. I lost some $8 there. Admin owner here is Roger Miller... so next time, beware of this name, if he is going to open another site again.

Traffic exchange sites going bye bye... And here's the lesson I learned, if there is no picture of owners/staffs like the other sites, better not invest in it. use the freebies for advertising your sites, you will get results and your money is safe. if the commissions and bonuses are too high, too good to be true, take caution on spending on the site.

1. - money problem, too high surfing bonus, admin's broke

My list of non-paying PTC sites. Either you wont be able to cashout or you'll be waiting for payments or always cashout limit reached. Some of the sites here, I've been waiting for my payments for more than a month now.
  • - same owner of InstantlyPTC
  • - impossible to cashout
  • - same owner of earn3, impossible to cashout
  • - everyday every hour cashout limit reached
  • - you wont get any support from the admin here
  • - they are making it impossible to cashout
  • - closed
  • - closed
  • - closed
  • Chillbux - same owner of earn3, dingobux

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

HYIP that pays

On to my online earning journey...

I ventured now into the risky world of HYIP or High Yield Investment Program.

Investimates - This is the first program I tried. I invested $5 with a 144% return after 12 days. So i waited for 12 days, and i indeed got $2.20 profit from my $5. The $0.30 extra was commissions from two referrals that invested $5 too. I cashed-out the profit and reinvested my $5 again. I'll wait for another 12 days to get another $2.20 from it. After that 12 days, it means I have almost gotten my money back and the one I will be reinvesting again is profit.

payment proof on my profit of 144% after 12 days

Of course, these sites are free to join, but if you want to earn there you have to spend their minimum amount which is $5, with a 144% return after 12 days. There is also a referral commission of 3%. You choose between 10% daily for 12 days with daily cash out on profit or 144% in 12 days, and you will wait for 12 days before you can cash out your money.

Bestinv - This is the second program I tried. I invested $5 with a 120% return after 5 days. So i waited for 5 days, and was able to earn $1.00 profit from my $5 investment. I tried withdrawing all and I got paid $6.00.

payment proof of 120% after 5 days - best investment program
click banner to join

Just like the first HYIP i joined this one is also free to join, but if you want to earn there you have to spend their minimum amount which is $5, with a 120% return after 5 days. There is also a referral commission of 5%. So far this is the site where you can earn fastest, because it only takes 5 days for your investment to expire, and then you can cash out the profit and investment right away, or cash out profit only and reinvest your money.

These sites are still new, and the best way to earn in HYIP is when the sites are still new, so get in there now and start earning. Just be careful with how much you are going to invest. Dont put in too much and always read news on HYIP.

My plan on HYIP is to get my money back and just keep on rolling back the profit till I get good amount for cashout every other week. This will really help me on my online earning journey. I know HYIP are very risky as many of them turns to scam after a while, that's why im trying to be careful and invest only the minimum amount there.

Monday, August 03, 2009

my july online earnings

for the month of july i was fortunate that i was able to reach more than my goal. i have received $111.39 in my paypal, my earnings in my alertpay is also included here in my paypal as i have done some exchanges from friends who needs funds in their alertpay accounts.

click the pic to enlarge for better viewing

i have received a surprise payment from an article i made in my other blog and it was $7.50, it really helped a lot. some of the sites where i have put hopes on reaching my goal for last month early did not yet sent their payments to me, and up to now i am still waiting for it, especially the other one which i have made a request before the end of june and up now i still have not received payment from it.

look over my traffic exchanges that pays and the social networking site that pays too.

next month is another online earning journey and another goal to reach, i was able to reach my two months goal earning. and this month i am going to increase my goal and make it $150.00 per month. with hard work, i know i can make it out there.