Monday, August 03, 2009

my july online earnings

for the month of july i was fortunate that i was able to reach more than my goal. i have received $111.39 in my paypal, my earnings in my alertpay is also included here in my paypal as i have done some exchanges from friends who needs funds in their alertpay accounts.

click the pic to enlarge for better viewing

i have received a surprise payment from an article i made in my other blog and it was $7.50, it really helped a lot. some of the sites where i have put hopes on reaching my goal for last month early did not yet sent their payments to me, and up to now i am still waiting for it, especially the other one which i have made a request before the end of june and up now i still have not received payment from it.

look over my traffic exchanges that pays and the social networking site that pays too.

next month is another online earning journey and another goal to reach, i was able to reach my two months goal earning. and this month i am going to increase my goal and make it $150.00 per month. with hard work, i know i can make it out there.

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