Monday, July 27, 2009

Windy City Hits - Featured site of the week - CLOSED


From the day that i have joined this site, i never missed being online here and surfing and chatting with other surfers, a great way to meet new friends. Windy City Hits is a manual traffic exchange site, where you can join for free and this is one of the coolest site that i am in, fast growing, and there is a continuous entry of new members. I have been paid here so this site is legit, to those that wondering if this is a legit site. if you want payment proofs of my payments here check my paying sites post, the screenshot of payment is there.


Click the banner to join
Join now and get 1000 hits to your website FREE
Cash prizes while surfing
Weekly surfing contest and monthly referral contest!

If you want to get good results in you advertising, try this site, i have gotten good results here, check out their soloads. you can surf for credits or you can buy their advertising packages. imagine their 500 credits is only $1.00, compare that to other sites. Also you can check their upgrade which is very affordable, and you get credits monthly for that, upgrade starts at $2.50 only per month. when you upgrade you get more cash in the surf for cash here.

What do this site have to offer? Check this out:
Free and Pro members get a 10-second countdown timer
Free member get 1:1 surf ratio, which means for every 1 site you view, 1 member will see yours
Pro members receive a 1:2 to 1:3 surf ratio
Pro members get 20-60% on all referral upgrades and purchases
Free members earn $0.20 per 1,000 sites viewed
Pro members earn $0.35 per 1,000 sites viewed
Daily surf rewards
Every Monday, surf 100 and get 200 credits free
Excellent customer support from friendly admins, talk to them in chat while surfing

Not just that, there is also random days contests here where you can win hundreds of $ in prizes in rotation.

And the best here, the admins are really cool, if you choose to surf and chat you will meet them there (Mike and Craig) and get a chance to talk to them and know them. very helpful guys they are.


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