Tuesday, August 18, 2009

HYIP that pays

On to my online earning journey...

I ventured now into the risky world of HYIP or High Yield Investment Program.

Investimates - This is the first program I tried. I invested $5 with a 144% return after 12 days. So i waited for 12 days, and i indeed got $2.20 profit from my $5. The $0.30 extra was commissions from two referrals that invested $5 too. I cashed-out the profit and reinvested my $5 again. I'll wait for another 12 days to get another $2.20 from it. After that 12 days, it means I have almost gotten my money back and the one I will be reinvesting again is profit.

payment proof on my profit of 144% after 12 days

Of course, these sites are free to join, but if you want to earn there you have to spend their minimum amount which is $5, with a 144% return after 12 days. There is also a referral commission of 3%. You choose between 10% daily for 12 days with daily cash out on profit or 144% in 12 days, and you will wait for 12 days before you can cash out your money.

Bestinv - This is the second program I tried. I invested $5 with a 120% return after 5 days. So i waited for 5 days, and was able to earn $1.00 profit from my $5 investment. I tried withdrawing all and I got paid $6.00.

payment proof of 120% after 5 days

BestInv.com - best investment program
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Just like the first HYIP i joined this one is also free to join, but if you want to earn there you have to spend their minimum amount which is $5, with a 120% return after 5 days. There is also a referral commission of 5%. So far this is the site where you can earn fastest, because it only takes 5 days for your investment to expire, and then you can cash out the profit and investment right away, or cash out profit only and reinvest your money.

These sites are still new, and the best way to earn in HYIP is when the sites are still new, so get in there now and start earning. Just be careful with how much you are going to invest. Dont put in too much and always read news on HYIP.

My plan on HYIP is to get my money back and just keep on rolling back the profit till I get good amount for cashout every other week. This will really help me on my online earning journey. I know HYIP are very risky as many of them turns to scam after a while, that's why im trying to be careful and invest only the minimum amount there.


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