Monday, August 31, 2009

A little guide on my online earning journey

I'll be starting on some 'how to' and 'what is' kind of posting from now on, on the programs I am in. Some of the people I know are asking where I am earning online and how I am doing it. There are those who have visited this blog and is still confused on how to do it, and start earning online like what I do.

I started from scratch, with zero money on my pocket, and only an internet connection to start. Here are some of the programs I have tried. I have earned from them, some were good and some were little. But every little amount add up, so I am thankful for each one of those sites for the payments I have received from them. But not all sites in the programs I have tried have paid me, so it's really wise before anyone starts joining an online earning site, a search should be done first if it is a paying site or not. SCAM sites should be avoided, that way you will not waste your time and effort in it.

I started with $2 payment, and I can say I am progressing in what I am doing. From $2 in one month, now I am able to earn more than $100.00 in a month. My goal is to earn a good amount online. Every month I post here my monthly earnings, and every payment I get from the sites I am in, I also post here.

Below are the programs I have tried and have earned from:
(all of them are free to join, and you can earn from them as a free member, except for the last one where you have to spend money to earn)
  1. PTC - Paid toClick
  2. TE - Traffic Exchange
  3. TAE - Text Ad Exchange
  4. GPT - Get Paid to Post
  5. Social Networking Sites
  6. Forum
  7. Writing
  8. HYIP - High Yield Investment Program (very risky)
I will do some explanation on each of the programs listed here, I'll be posting them to give you an idea on how I earned there and what to do. This will make this post some kind of series, so drop by and check once in a while if you have time.

These ones below I am also in but have not yet received any payment:
  1. Clickbank
  2. Autoposting on social networking sites
  3. Gaming sites

Check also my other posts, as I have posted payment proofs on the sites I am in, I have also here some featured sites, where I consider them as one of my favorite and I visit daily. Thank you for taking your time to read this post, see you next time.

My online earning journey does not stop here, I am still in search for other ways to earn online.
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