Sunday, September 06, 2009

How to earn through PTC - Paid to Click

PTC is the first online earning I've ventured in to when I started my online earning journey. Below is my explanation of how PTC works. What I have learned from it all.


What is a PTC?

PTC or Paid to Click is an advertising website, where one pays a certain amount to have his or her website, blog or products seen by members. Each website that a member clicks and views has a certain amount paid to them.

How to earn by PTC?
To earn in PTC, one must become a member first, and have an ALERTPAY and/or PAYPAL account, which you can apply for free. Almost all PTC sites are free to join, so one can start earning right away without having to invest money in it. When you become a member here, you are given a certain number of ads that you can click daily. Each ad pays 0.005-0.01 in US dollars. So lets say, you have 4 ads to click today, when you view them all at 1 cent per ad, you will earn 4 cents in a day.

Each PTC site has their own payout. Most of them have $2.00 payout, so you have to click daily to reach $2.00, once you reach $2.00 you can request for payment. The best way to earn here is to refer people to join you. Once you have a downline you can expect to earn more and cash out early.

Some pays instantly, some you will have to wait for days. As a warning to those who are going to try PTC as a means of earning, there are many scam sites out there, so before venturing into this one, check and search if the site you are going to join is legit or not. I have made a list of my own scam sites here, you can check on that one too. This is so that you will not waste your time and effort clicking daily and not getting payment for it.

PTC is a good way to earn a little amount of money each month, you will not get rich here. And it is not guaranteed that you will get payments for every click you make from PTC sites you joined. Check for blogs and payment proofs from members before joining any PTC sites.

Some suggestions to maximize your PTC earnings
Before joining any PTC site, look for referral cashback or trade reflink. It's not that profitable to rent referrals in any site. Before upgrading in any PTC site (as upgraded members earn more), read a lot about the site first, this is to make sure that they will not run away with your money, which most PTC site owners do once they get many members upgrading in their site. Think very very well before investing in any PTC site.

What is a referral cashback?
Referral cashback is when you have an upline that pays you a certain percentage of what they will earn from your click. There are many PTC earners that offers this type, but before making any deal with any person make you sure that you can trust him or her to pay you for the referral cashback. There are also some sites that offers referral cashback, all you have to do is join these sites and they will pay you instead of your direct upline. Some refcashback sites that i have tried are PTCBucket, PTCMarket, and GPTBank.

What is a trade reflink?
Once you have gotten yourself involve in PTC sites, there are people out there that would like to trade referral links, you join their site (become their downline) and they will join your site (become their upline). Like the refcashback, make sure before you make a deal with anybody on this one that you can trust them to join your referral link and be active.


I've made some money in it, but not enough for what I really need having no offline job and with may bills to pay. But I have stopped clicking in PTC and have been involved in other online earning programs, which pays higher and in a shorter period of time than PTC. Those that I am in I will post here too, so come back from time to time to check my blog.


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