Friday, July 03, 2009

Article Alley - featured site

Ever wonder how to drive more traffic to your site and get your articles read by many people? Well, yesterday I came across this site called Article Alley, now what is this site all about? Reading the 'about' part of the site, I found out that this site is a free article directory. Submit articles here for free, and get visitors to your site, this makes your articles get noticed. Calling all writers, especially those who are just starting to write and wants to get noticed and share their articles to other people all over the world, submit your articles here for free.

I browsed the site and looked at the articles there, there are so many topics to choose from and if your site needs something about a specific topic written by professional writers, get free content here at article alley. Republish it for free as long as there is a link back to the site.

I find the site user friendly, easy to navigate, you can see the general topic on the left side just click which interests you and then choose from the list, and there were way too many, you'll never run out of idea on what free content you want to put on your site. General topic range from automotive to writing and speaking, they are alphabetized. Becoming a part of article alley is a must for all writers for that exposure needed.

Here's what the site has to offer to authors when you submit articles here:
  • When you submit your article there, it is shown in their network of sites, you get more exposure and you get more visitors for your site and articles.
  • Articles submitted there are used by thousands of websites looking for free content to use in their websites.
Isn't that great? You get free traffic to your site and you get noticed for your writing. If there is an article you want to submit signing up there is totally free. If there is a content you want to use for your website, no need to sign-up, just choose the article and republish it for free, but remember to put the link where you took that article.

Visit article alley now and see for yourself what I am talking about here,

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