Saturday, July 25, 2009

Squidoo - my unpleasant experience

i recently joined squidoo, because a friend of mine had asked if we knew something about it. out of curiosity i went to the site, read what it is all about, the tos and then registered.

i wanted to try to learn to use it, so i started with my first post, and introduction to myself being a hearing impaired mom.

i have read the tos and i sure did looked over if it is alright o post an article there that i had already published in another site. i have this article that iw rote about me and my youngest child when i gave birth to him, and i want to share it, i have posted it in blogger and in friendster too. if i have read in the tos that i was not supposed to post something like that i would not have posted it. so i posted it there. i felt happy with it afterwards.

it was not easy to go around there, i got confused and there were so many things to add, click, type etc. but i tried it. i even took a while posting there because i dont know where to put the post, there were two text boxes where we can write what we want there.

after days, i receive this message from squidoo...

Hey there Squidoo lensmaster!

You're getting this note because our community has flagged and reported your lenses for substandard content, or suspicious activity in the site.

We are looking for useful, unique, you-only material that is written by a person, for a person. If you make a lens filled with repetitive language designed to bait the search engines, or a lens that tries to trick people, or a lens on one of our SquidDon't spambait topics, we'll probably just delete it. Similarly, if you make lots and lots of cookie cutter lenses, or many copies of the same lens, we will probably delete those too.


Squidoo's community of lensmasters has high editorial standards. We reserve the right to lock, or delete, accounts that strike us as illegal, offensive, spammy, uncurated, junky, or otherwise harmful to Squidoo, and to the web at large.

We're sure you're only out to do good things and write authentic content. We believe in you, and look forward to seeing you create authentic, good content on new lenses in the future.

Thanks and good luck,
The SquidTeam


someone have flagged the article i wrote. i felt that i really did well on the articles i wrote, it may never be perfect but i gave it my best. i didnt understand what is suspicious about it at all. it was written by a person - ME. i dont even udnerstand SEO to start with, and i wonder what's with the repetitive and spam baiting thing they were talking about. and the last part... goodluck? i tried to go back to the site to correct my error and see what it really was about, the thing is i cannot log in anymore and had my account deleted. very nice of them. i sent a reply, but got no reply back from them.

oh well... there are still other sites where we can share and write what's in our hearts and minds. sorry to vent here, i just want to let people out there know what i had experienced on squidoo.


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