Thursday, January 29, 2009

Updates on Offers

from time to time i'll be doing an update on clicks of those who have joined under my for their cashback, and also confirmation for those traded (exchange reflink). so here's the update =). this is as of January 29.

Ref exchange link:
  1. mboley370
  2. katiey86
Referral cashback:
  1. aireenhannah - Ara-bux, Neobux
  2. cherrydispe - Ara-bux
  3. jhak - Roudycash
  4. hardrock888 - Ara-bux, Roudycash, Earn3, Neobux, Bux-Matrix.

*edited (removed the pic as i have posted new screenshots of it)

The newest PTCs that i've joined. Join me here.

$0.005/click, 4-5 ads daily. For my cashback offer please put j_akoto as the referrer.

This PTC is quite different your clicks are paid in Toro and it is converted in pound, so you'll get to be paid in pounds, easy to reach minimum payout of 1 pound. Join me here, my referral link is j_akoto

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