Wednesday, January 28, 2009


I am offering cashbacks for those who wanted to join the PTCs I am in. I am offering a 50% - 60% cash back from every clicks that you make - (depending on how much the site is offering the uplines for their referral clicks) 50% if I get only 0.0025 and 60% if I get 0.005 ref click. This will give you the chance, to earn 150% - 160% from all the clicks that you're going to make. You will earn from your own click and you will earn from my cash back offer.

My second offer will be referral exchange link. If there is a site that I haven't yet joined and you want to trade with me, then we can make a deal. I'll be your upline, you can choose what sites you want to join under me. and i will be your downline, i will choose what sites I'll join under you.

All of those who will accept my offer, a list will be posted here, so that you will know that I have taken notice of it. For cashback offer, all payments will be made through alertpay.

Leave a message what site you have joined, your username on that site, and once I have verified it, I'll add you to my list. There's a chatbox here and it's on the left side (Gibberbox), you can use it for your messages. Or you can email me at

Just click the banner of the sites you like to join. Make sure that the referrer name is jayrene, if another name is already there, clear your cookies, and type mine. For Bux-matrix and use akoto as your referrer.


For a start here are the few people who joined me: (as of Jan. 28)

Ref exchange link:
  1. mboley370
  2. katiey86
Referral cashback:
  1. aireenhannah - Ara-bux, Neobux
  2. cherrydispe - Ara-bux
  3. jhak - Roudycash
  4. hardrock888 - Ara-bux, Roudycash, Earn3, Neobux.

addicted to clicking? then join me here at PTC Addicts (register under my username j_akoto). $ 0.005 per click, $ 0.0025 per referral click, $ 0.01 per premium click, $ 0.005 per premium referral click, Low $2 minimum payout, Instant payments! Great support!

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