Sunday, January 25, 2009

Scam sites!?

I started joining PTC sites since last month and there have been some sites that i have joined and clicked for more than three weeks, but unfortunately have turned into a scam site as most of the people are saying in the forums that i have visited. Although i have given them the benefit of my doubt, hoping maybe it isn't true, but it was, after all. Here are my own list of sites, that i have religiously visited and clicked ads daily that cannot be accessed now. So i am considering it a scam site too.

  • - here today gone tomorrow kind of site.
  • - I have earned $2.62 from clicking their ads, first they went to maintenance mode, now the site cannot be found.
  • - same with World-Clix. I have already earned $1.44.
  • - it is now CLOSING!!!
  • - they have a very low minimum payout of $2. I have earned $1.68, very close to the minimum, can almost request for payout, but everytime i click view ads, the page cannot be found... i wonder why? The home page can still be accessed, you can still register... but might as well say click at your own risk.

I would still try checking though, luck may come by me, and i may be able to cash out. I will be adding more on my list of scam sites, at some other time. To my fellow clickers, good luck, keep on clicking and keep on earning. Yes, there are many scam sites out there, but there are also honest admins/PTC site owners. To those who are still new in this kind of thing, never give up and those lose hope.

Happy clicking!

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