Thursday, September 10, 2009

Daybreak Traffic - Featured Site

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I came across this site months ago. I saw the sign-up page rotating in another traffic exchange I was surfing at and what caught my attention here was that "random cash prize live" blinking. So I signed-up here and had another friend I was chatting at that time join here too. We had fun surfing here and we even won some cash. I was able to find $3.00+ while my friend found $4.00+, she surfs faster than me, that's why.

Daybreak Traffic is a manual traffic exchange site. Where we can advertise for free. This is free to join, surf for credits or if you don't have time to surf, check their upgrades or advertising packages which is really easy on the budget.

Features of this site are click of hover surf. And while surfing you could win random cash and credits. They have only two cash prizes $1.00 bonus and the $0.25 bonus, when you see it, you have to report it and type what you saw. I have already earned more than $16.00 here from surfing.

You can earn 15% - 45% commission on referral upgrades and or purchases. Free members get 15% commissions, and the upgrades get higher commissions (of course). There are two upgrades here, the GOLD which is $5.00/month only and the PLATINUM which is $10.00/month.

What I like about this site aside from the prizes while surfing is their progressive ratio that increases as you surf. Your ratio increases the next day when you surf there again, this is really good if you are a free member and is surfing for credits. As we all know, if we are advertising our sites, affiliate links, or products we need credits to have it in rotation so other members can see it, I have gotten some sign-ups from advertising here, so this site is recommended for your advertising needs.

While surfing you will get free credits, lottery tickets and of course cash (random days only). They also have daily, weekly and monthly top surfer awards. Plus a downline builder.

Banners and text ads are free here as long as you have remaining credits, so no need to worry if our banners and text ads are still rotating or not, unlike some other traffic exchanges where we have to put impressions on them to have them rotated.

Join us here and meet other surfers there as this site have chat installed, and admin steve is sometimes chatting there also, so it's one good way of knowing the TE owner.

Also admin Steven rewards those that advertise their referral links in other traffic exchanges, when he sees the Daybreak home page, splashes or banners rotating in other TEs, the owners of those ref links get rewarded with cash. Nice way to add some cash into your account. A must to join. Not only do we get visitors to our sites here we also earn some real cash too.

Whatever website it is you are promoting have it advertise here at Daybreak Traffic.

click banner to join, its free


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