Wednesday, April 15, 2009


This is a free manual traffic exchange, free to join, drive traffic and real visitors to your sites, blogs, products, etc., and get them seen by more than 17,000 members. Just click on the banner to join.

This site is family operated and offers revenue sharing to all of its upgraded member. Once you get an upgrade starts in as little as $10.00 you get all of the PRO members benefits.

1. Weekly earnings, cashout weekly also.
2. Two times a week you'll be given credits for your sites' advertisement.

Every week, the site's revenue are shared equally by all upgraded members. Your weekly earning is like 13.33% interest of what you share to the site.

Example - Your shares or ventures is $100.00, your weekly earning is $10.33.

Where can you find such? This is not an easy to get rich kind of scheme, but the more you have in the site, the more you earn WEEKLY. Every dollar you spent here will definitely return with a profit. $1 = $2, when they mature.

All upgraded members are requried to surf a minimum of 25 sites daily, everyone here is active. That's the only condition it has to maximize your weekly earnings.

Remember, this is free to join. Get in now, promote your sites, 11,000+ members will see it. And see for yourself how the members are earning, click on TOOLS then click on VENTURES / WEEKLY EARNINGS. There are so many upgraded members here now already. Don't procrastinate, this is your chance to be FINANCIALLY FREE.


Kal El said...

Heya, how we are supposed to earn money with TRAFFIC exchange sites? Can you explain me? Thanks.


J said...

there 3 ways to earn cash in traffic exchanges.

1. commissions from your referrals.
2. by surfing, many traffic exchanges have cash bonuses on them if you surf, and
3. by joining contests. most of the traffic exchanges i have listed here have contests in them the any member can join, free member or upgraded member. cash prizes vary from site to site.

now for this particular site this is different, here i get weekly earning, aside from i can advertise my other sites here for free.

ad-ventures4u is a profit sharing site, meaning whatever the site earns, it is shared by upgraded members weekly. in this site you need to buy ventures, those ventured are the ones calculated for your weekly earning, at a percentage. ventures are like shares

you can buy ventures start in as little as $10 up to $10,000.

let's say you have already $10 in this site, then you can start earning weekly now, you dont even need to recruit, also you will receive credits for your advertising.

you can cashout your earnings weekly too, minimum cashout is $5, and you will receive it within 24 hours.

many members here are earning more than $1000 weekly. some are little, some are more. the earning depends on how much you have on the site.

=), if you have any more questions, please feel free to ask...

Kal El said...

Thank you so much, you have been very accurate explaining it. I get it now :)

J said...

your welcome... =)

chien said...

Hello I already joined in Ad-Ventures 4u. I just wanna have a little assistance there. I am not really sure what to do. I think the site only accepts Libertyreserve payments but I only have paypal funds. Where can I earn money in lr? Please help!! I am from Asia.

ASHA said...

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