Thursday, November 26, 2009

A Special Prize from a Special Traffic Exchange Site

Yep, I won a special prize, from Forever Concepts, the new traffic exchange site with a heart.

There were many prizes to choose from, and they are all awesome... For my prize I chose this one --> the newest traffic exchange script =), cool huh. LFMTE. It's not that I am going to start my own TE, but its more of wanting to learn something new.

The Prize

This newest traffic exchange script, is based on a tried and tested marketing script Launch Formula Marketing, this new LFMTE was designed by a top marketer, Robet Puddy owner of Advertising Know How and built by a top TE industry programmer, Josh Abbott, owner of Trafficmods, a site set up specifically to create mods for all those poor scripts currently available. With LFMTE, it's a recipe for success, and if you are deciding to have your own online business and try Traffic Exchange, then this one is just what you are looking for. Try signing up and check out the demo to see how this new TE script feels.

The site where I won this is using this new LFMTE script. I call this new traffic exchange a TE with a heart because of the program they have there. Joining is free and with it comes the chance for us to help entrepreneurs in poor countries to keep going or get started with their small businesses. For only $25.00 we can loan it to these entrepreneurs, a microfinance at That's a $25 gift certificate that we can also win here at Forever Concepts. Now with Forever Concepts program, this is what I call the traffic exchange with a heart.

Joseph Riley owns this site. Free to join, we get free advertising, surf for credits, or go upgrade, or better yet to understand this site better, come and join us here it's free anyway so you've got nothing to lose but a lot to gain. There are so many things you can try at this site. Hurry now, and check it out.

Join us here in Forever Concept, and see how the site works. And if you want to be a TE owner, consider the new LFMTE script.

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