Monday, May 11, 2009

RAINBOW-TRAFFIC -- site of the week

updated - just received my payment today here... proof is below... $8.50... take a look...
i've been testing some sites lately, and will post here what i think are worth joining. so for this week here's the site that i want to promote, Rainbow-Traffic. Free to join.

click banner to join, its free

You know what i like about this site, the admin is soooo supportive of her members. they have surf and chat, so you while surfing you will find time to meet new friends too, i did. and the admin also chats and surf too, so great way to know the owner. Site layout is good and user friendly.

A great place to advertise your sites. Plus aside from earning commissions from referrals, they have 3 days contest where you can win credits, and some cash... so you better join this and start winning... lol, i won here many times already. The site also has random bonus prizes while surfing. Other current contests going on there now are TOP SURFER OF THE MONTH and Referral Contest. All contests have some cash prizes in it.

I have fun surfing here, i like their surf and chat a lot, you can see me there chatting. So for this site of the week, i hope i'll find some of my friends there.

You can join by clicking the banner or clicking this --> RAINBOW-TRAFFIC

here's my payment proof, paid within 24 hours, $8.50
click the pic to enlarge for better viewing



We value all life forms said...

Amazing. How is the payment done? Is that by Paypal?

Kal El said...

Can you tell me how did you earn $8.5 on rainbow-traffic?

J said...

hello to both of you...

yes it is by paypal...

rainbow-traffic is a manual traffic exchange site. here you can advertise your sites, blogs to generate traffic and visitors... also you can promote your products here, to thousands of members.

you can join here for free, and surf for your credits, use that credits for your advertisement... or you can buy a package of advertisement, website hits, or credits for your banners.

or if you dont have time to surf, you can upgrade here and you will be given credits monthly, all you have to do is assign those credits to your websites or links and it will be shown to all the members in rotation.

two ways to earn here. commissions from your referral, if they buy traffic credits or upgrades. and join contests... they have weekly contest, like what i said there on the top page... once you reach the minimum threshold which is $5, you can request for a cashout.

its easy...

aside from your earning there, if you are selling something and have advertised it there, you may get customers and generate more sales from your products, or websites...

i have my websites there advertised, and i surf for the contests =).

getpaidtotry said...

These surveys are e-mailed to users, and they earn cash for every survey that they complete. You might be thinking surely this is some kind of a scam, or something dodgy; not usually would a website give away money for something so insignificant - a few minutes spent answering some simple multiple choice questions.

get paid to take online surveys

Алексей said... not paying! I create ticket(must create for request payout) filling it(sum, payment email, Member ID - required field) and wait. But through several days I don't find it. I creating new, but they not responding. I sent email to, also not responding. And contuct on them blog - not responding.
Now they delete my tickets without responding! 26 april 2010
Admin is scammer!
Also they have

Joicy said...

The only reason we didnt pay other members because of cheating, so are you one of them? Whats your member ID? Dont be scared to reveal yourself, We have paid many members already, only for those honest members and not taking advantage with the cash.... errrr baka!

jayrene said...

To Anekcen,

Yeah i agree with what joicy said, the only reason one dont get paid in ANY SITE is when they found out that member is cheating.

I've been a member for more than a year here, and this is one of my highly recommended site for advertising and surfing.