Saturday, May 23, 2009

HIT LION - featured site of the week

My featured site for this week is Hit Lion. This is also a manual traffic exchange site, and free to join like all the rest of the TEs I've joined. Owner here is Connie Montala, and if you join here and chat while you surf, you will get to meet her there sometimes and talk to her.

click banner to join, its free
i have $12.54 here just from surfing and joining contests
check my payment proof below, i got paid here already

prizes for surfing are cash, credits and lottery tickets
weekly contests with cash and credits as prizes
joint contests with other TEs also with cash and credits as prizes

As most of the sites I am in, i prefer knowing the owners, in my experience with this site, Connie here is very helpful and can understand members situation, twice I have had some issues that she were able to help. The first one is the issue on my upline, where I have joined because of a misleading advertisement. The second one is about upgrading there and I have had a very limited budget which she was also able to accommodate what I can afford and she added some bonuses to it.

Advertise your site here, as this site also has gotten some good results for me, the best part in this site is, this is where I have met some of my TE friends... surf and chat, and meet friends here.

Also they have weekly contest where you can earn cash and credits. Random prizes while surfing and win cash, credits and lottery tickets too. They also do join surf contest with other sites. I have win a lot here.

Surf for credits or check their advertising packages. I am sure there is one here that fits your budget, or upgrade and receive credits monthly.

Ways to earn in this site are:
  • through referral commissions
  • winning random cash while surfing
  • winning contests
  • and of course when you advertise here, you will generate sales from your sites or products
You can join by clicking the banner above. Hope to see you there.

update June 15, 2009 - received my first payment here $15.08


check my paying sites too.


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tl23v0l2 said...

Nice traffic exchange site. Hope to come and visit my site,
im sure you'll join my other programs.